Sustainable Living

  • The woman behind Boho Baby Boutique

    Meet Kristen Saylor, the San Diego based designer and maker behind one of our newest labels ‘Boho Baby Boutique’ We ask her a little about her background, how ‘Boho Baby Boutique’ was created, her inspiration behind the label and advice for other aspiring mums who are looking to get creative. Can you introduce yourself and […]
  • Brian Schulz Tiny House Built For $11K

    Tiny houses. They might be small, but with the recent flood of sustainable living homes that we’ve seen recently – houses perched in trees, towable homes and shipping containers upcycled into tiny summer homes, they’re fast becoming a popular choice for people across the world. Budget friendly, sustainable and stylish – what’s not to love? One of our […]
  • Q&A with Nathan Devine – Author of Retrash

    Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background? My name is Nathan Devine and I live on the south coast of Sydney in a town called Gerringong. I have been recycling and upcycling all of my life, I love working with materials that I find in all sorts of places, […]
  • Got the Blues for Upcycling: 5 Ways to Make Old Denim Rock

    Denim jeans are probably on everyones top 10 list of favourite clothing and just like wine they get better with age. Denim is timeless, lasting and durable and the more worn out it gets the more comfortable it is to wear. Most of us have owned an old pair of jeans that we loved so […]
  • Upcycling Wine Bottles

    If you belong to a family who loves to drink, then you must have the same dilemma that we do. No, it is not liver cancer, (thank heavens!) but a problem with bottle disposal. To some, the ideal and immediate solution might be to throw them away or sell them to a junk shop. But […]
  • Ingenious Ideas for Dishes Old or New

    Dishes are great for gifting. They are functional, practical, stylish and can be passed on to younger generations as an heirloom. This idea is brilliant which is why it should not come as a surprise when half of your friends decide to say ‘Congratulations’ with a package that clinks with slight movement. The result is […]