Upcycling Wine Bottles

If you belong to a family who loves to drink, then you must have the same dilemma that we do. No, it is not liver cancer, (thank heavens!) but a problem with bottle disposal. To some, the ideal and immediate solution might be to throw them away or sell them to a junk shop.

But to us who really value and enjoy wine, such options seem cruel and disrespectful. It may sound silly since they are just empty bottles, but if you know wine and its history and origin, you might want to preserve them yourself.

The idea is to repurpose and transform these wine or liquor bottles into fun, functional and stylish treasures that tell a story. While there are some much easier methods to upcycle bottles – with the use of paint, laces and crafty ornaments – I have my personal preference. Preserving the bottle’s natural glory, which meant retaining its color, label and form, is key. This serves as a reminder of the wine’s origin, year, and, of course, taste. After all the fun is gone, these bottles can add flair and personality to our homes whilst helping preserve our environment.

So the next time you reach for a bottle, think about your next DIY project and how you can expand your creativity. Reincarnate these bottles into something new and functional. Here are some ideas you can adopt:

Upcycling Wine Bottles

Hanging Wall Vases or Regular Flower Vases

Make that blank wall in your home standout by turning it into an indoor herbarium or flower garden.

Get your empty wine bottles and paint over your labels with clear polish or finish. Attach your bottles onto the wall mounting kit by using a strong adhesive.

Pick your favorite flowers and stick them onto your mounted vases. If you are the conventional type, you may opt to use these bottles as a regular vase.

Just make sure it has enough water so that your flower stems are submerged.


Serving Trays

Upcycling Wines

Wine bottles can also be repurposed to serve as serving trays. Great for those who want to entertain and who regularly host parties, these trays will make any host look great.

You may choose to have cork as the main serving tray since they are light, sustainable and cheap.

They are also environment-friendly and can be precut into custom sizes. Bring your bottles to your local cork suppliers and have them measure accordingly.

These suppliers can also advice thickness and diameter that would make for a good serving tray.


Shelving Pillars


If you are tired of conventional-looking shelving and would like something that pops, doubling as a wall ornament, try this idea that ought to turn some heads.

The wine bottles could serve as pillars in between levels. However, although they are supposed to function as shelving, bear in mind that they cannot hold an enormous amount of weight as other shelves.

These shelves are mainly for décor and could only hold light items such as picture frames and a few cookbooks so make sure you do not over stack them.

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