Sustainable Living

  • Canlove Graffiti Art

    A collaborative of artists have set up CANLOVE – the name used by Paul Ramirez and DJ Neff. They’re completely different to any other graffiti artists you might have come across as they’re not really interested in the paint inside the can. They’re more interested in the can itself and what the can can become […]
  • Upcycled Homes for the Homeless

    Homes for the homeless. There’s something slightly wrong about that sentence, right? But just because you don’t have a permanent dwelling, with walls, a roof, plumbing and electricity doesn’t mean that you can’t have a home. That’s where Gregory Khloen comes in, an artist who goes dumpster diving for a living. He uses the materials […]
  • DIY Trampoline Day Bed

    We try to upcycle as much as we can. But some things – like a broken chair or a cracked parasol, often seem a little bit beyond repair. One of the most surprising upcycling examples that we’ve seen for quite some time is an upcycled trampoline day bed. Yyep, that’s right – a bed made out of […]
  • Cool Chewing Gum Art

    What do you think of when you see a glob of chewing gum on the floor? Well, chances are, you either think nothing of it, or you think “Eurgh, that’s disgusting.” Remember though, if you’ve ever spit out your chewing gum onto the floor, you’re just as guilty as everyone else. But Mr. Ben Wilson, chewing […]
  • Upcycling in Africa: Eco-Friendly Haute Couture

    London, Paris and Milan. Fashion capitals of the world. But Nairobi isn’t far behind. Nairobi Fashion Week has long been lauded as one of the most exciting weeks in the fashion calendar, with original, eco-friendly designs from some of Kenya’s best up and coming designers. In Africa, upcycling isn’t something new or trendy. It’s a […]
  • The Super-Cool Green Prefab Home

    We’ve seen more minihomes than we can count in recent years – everything from 10 feet by 10 feet spaces with crafty beds that appear from behind walls and toilets tucked behind sliding doors to super-chic super-cool prefabs and almost anything else you could imagine in between. But what most of them have in common is […]