The Upcycle Studio Story

In 2013 Upcycle Studio opened it's online doors. A small team of like-minded individuals worked behind the scenes immersed in the world of upcycling. Constantly searching for well designed, upcycled products that were both kind to the environment and beautifully made with outstanding quality.

... A foundation was built ensuring every Upcycle Studio customer can shop with a good conscience.

Our values

As proud owners since the beginning of 2020 we have placed huge value on supporting brands that collectively advocate social change, reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a better future. As a small business we also pride ourselves on supporting other small businesses by adding collections that offer sustainable design, unique artisan craftsmanship and who share the same passion to use their creative skills for the good of our planet. 

We envision leaving a greener footprint and have joined the global profit sharing movement for positive change. We have committed to donating a minimum of one percent of our yearly gross sales to further support nonprofit environmental organisations through 1% for the Planet

Our range 

Upcycle Studio started with a tiny selection of upcycled pieces and we've since grown and incorporated a stunning range of products and earth friendly gifts that fit with our eco values. Throughout our site you'll find naturally sourced, ethical, sustainable, handmade and reusable lifestyle items. In addition to 1% of your purchase being donated to 1% for the Planet there are layers of giving back incorporated into your total purchase price. Our upcycled brands Alchemy Goods, Elvis & Kresse and Green Guru are just some of the B Corporation Certified brands we are associated with. When you purchase our upcycled jewellery by Article 22 you are contributing to the clearance of UXO from more than 13,000 m2 of land in Laos. With each piece purchased more aluminium shrapnel can then be upcycled into stunning, fine heirloom necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings- the local artisans families are paid 5x the village's minimum wage. Also, 10% of Article 22's profit is donated to a village development fund.

Why we do what we do 

We love sharing earth conscious products that we truly believe in with our fantastic customers. Sustainable designers deserve to be recognized as they are our inspiration for making better choices. Their constant innovation means a huge reduction in environmental destruction. Knowing that valuable materials can be kept out of landfill and seeing the integrity of raw materials being appreciated and utilized with little to no impact on the environment makes us wholeheartedly love what we do!

We are so thankful to be part of everyone’s eco-friendly journey

x Sommer and Scott
Upcycle Studio