The woman behind Boho Baby Boutique

Meet Kristen Saylor, the San Diego based designer and maker behind one of our newest labels ‘Boho Baby Boutique’

We ask her a little about her background, how ‘Boho Baby Boutique’ was created, her inspiration behind the label and advice for other aspiring mums who are looking to get creative.

Can you introduce yourself and tell as a little more about your background?

My name is Kristen Saylor, and I have had a love of thrifting and vintage fabrics for as long as I can remember. As a young girl, I took my first sewing class at the age of 8, which grew into deconstructing vintage clothing and remaking it for myself into my teens. As a young adult I attended fashion design school to sharpen my sewing skills, and ventured with a few business concepts along the way, all the time knowing that I wanted to incorporate my adoration for fabrics, textures, and prints from the past into a unique way. I never truly knew how I would be able to incorporate this, until I had my first born and the inspiration became boundless.

What inspired you to start Boho Baby Boutique?

My daughter is the main inspiration behind Boho Baby Boutique, followed by my husbands steadfast support to follow this little dream of mine (= I knew when I had children I would want to make them clothing, and this would probably encompass the same love of vintage prints, textures and fabrics that I used to use when designing for myself. Little did I realize how much more fun and addicting it would become taking the concepts of upcycling and miniaturizing them into kids sizing! Unique kids clothing is hard to find, unless you come across vintage pieces in good condition, so once I realized this lack of cute wardrobe presence in my community I knew I had to begin conceptualizing upcycled designs that other mom’s would want to dress their children in as well.

Boho Baby Boutique

Tell us about your workflow…designs, fabric sourcing, production?

This has been an ever evolving aspect of the business, especially as it has been gaining momentum because each piece that I make is a one of a kind, custom piece. All of the fabrications used are either vintage fabrics, linens, or textiles, and the sourcing for these can range from using an article from the clients closet I am working with to thrift shops with amazing diamonds in the rough! I knew in my heart I wanted to create one of a kind, custom, upcycled pieces for children, but even this concept is constantly transcending and taking the business into new paths with each new order. I have my staple styles that are tried and true and each one of a kind, like the romper upcycled from long sleeve shirts and the vintage shirt dresses. But what makes it even more special is when a client approaches me with a concept they want made for their child for a special event, and it opens my eyes to even broader design horizons (=

Why is working with reclaimed materials important to you?

I think there is an unfathomable unique ability in stories told from fabrications that came from the past. Whether it be grandma’s once discarded linens transformed into a flower girl dress for her granddaughter, or a shirt from a clients loved one no longer with them that they want recreated into a wearable heirloom for their child, Its these special details that make the article of clothing more then just an outfit, but more of a fabricated memory in time.

Boho Baby Boutique

Your favorite part of the Boho journey?

I think seeing my clients share photos with me of their children in my creations is the most rewarding aspect of the business by far. It allows me to experience the joy the parent feels knowing that this piece was made just for their child, and that no other in the entire world has same piece.

Your best piece of advice for others mums with children looking to pave an eco friendly path.

I would say if you have any interest in sewing, start with the basics! Once you have that under your belt, there is so much you can do with reworking old pieces that your  family grows out of into new pieces to be re-worn in a new, totally unique way!

Check out some of Kristen’s amazing one-of-a-kind Boho Baby Boutique creations 


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