Got the Blues for Upcycling: 5 Ways to Make Old Denim Rock

Denim jeans are probably on everyones top 10 list of favourite clothing and just like wine they get better with age. Denim is timeless, lasting and durable and the more worn out it gets the more comfortable it is to wear.
Most of us have owned an old pair of jeans that we loved so much no matter how old or worn out they got they still manage to remain one of our most treasured among the many pairs we keep in our wardrobe. Our most favourite pair of jeans have been with us through so many wonderful and exciting events in our lives. Too old to wear, but too valued to give away or depart with. Precisely why we look to find other ways to keep our most prized denims, but appreciate them in a different form.

Denim Coasters

Everybody has an old pair of denim jeans that are too old, too ripped apart, or too raggedy. Before you throw them out, have a think about what other useful things you can do with those old pair of jeans. The jean’s inside-hem seams are probably the last to wear out and the most durable so keep these for future projects.

To get started, get an old pair of jeans, scissors, needle and thread and fabric glue. Cut the inside hem seams of your pants, closest to the edge as possible. Sew the two hem seams together for an easy roll. After sewing the hem seams together, put fabric glue on the wider side of the fabric and start rolling. If you want a bigger coaster then just use more hem seams. As easy as that, you now have very useful and practical denim coasters.

Denim Coasters


Denim Pot Holders

Love to cook? Denim is a great fabric of choice that can withstand and resist heat. You can make these pot holders from an old pair of worn-out jeans. Cut out the shape you want or, just opt to use the jean’s back pockets. Not only does it look cute but also provides double protection because of the pockets. Cut out the back pockets evenly and sew them together with inner cotton padding. For a more creative, artsy look, you can choose a type of fabric with bright prints to sew together with the denim fabric.


Denim Organizer

If you’re a neat freak and like to keep things organized, what better way than to have a hanging organizer? This way you’ll able to see all the little items or knick knacks you have without turning the whole room upside down.

Get a few old jeans and cut out the rear pockets, they could be of different sizes and stitching; it adds flair and variety. Jean pockets are great for this because once cut out, they are ready to use; no hemming needed since they are already top-stitched. Attach the pockets to a bigger denim fabric or onto another pair of old jeans. A handle is optional, but if you want one, use the inside hem seams of old jeans. Sew these on top of the organizer and hang it in your closet, next to your desk, in kids rooms or behind doors.



Denim Jeans Pocket Purse

Every teenage girl will love this project. It’s not only cute, but handy and useful as well. All you need is a pair of old jeans, scissors, needle and thread or a sewing machine. You’ll also need something to make a strap with, be it a ribbon, rope or string.

Start off by cutting the jean’s rear pockets. Make sure you cut them evenly and as close to the hem as possible. Sew the pockets together by stitching around the edges, but leave the top open. Before attaching the handle, you have to measure the strap from your shoulders down to make sure it’s the perfect length. Afterwards, sew the straps in place — on the top inner part of the pocket. You may also sew a snap button on the inner top part of the purse instead of having to sew on a zipper. Lastly, decorate or embellish your purse for a more personalized look.

denim purse


Denim Placemats

Denim potholders and coasters, so why not complete the kitchen accessories with a denim placemat? So easy to make and not a lot of sewing talent needed. First, cut off the leg part of your jeans. Next, cut the back part of your jeans into a rectangular shape keeping the belt holder and pockets in place. Afterwards, lay the denim fabric face down, on top of the same-shaped clean fabric and sew around the edges. You may also put trimmings around to keep the edges together. The pockets are great for holding napkins and utensils. This is a fun way to decorate your place settings and perfect for summer barbeques and outdoor entertaining.


Denim Placemats

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