Dock & Bay Towels

Dock & Bay Towels

Quick Dry and Light Weight Towels for the beach, camping or travelling and most important surfing.


Tested by Upcycle Studio's experienced surfers, divers and lovers of the ocean.
"These towels are awesome, so light compared to those old school towels". Saij NSW State Medallist in swimming, surfer and diver.

"By the time you walk up the track they are nearly dry, weigh nothing and can fit it in your pocket...nearly. No more 5kg wet towels". 

From March 2020 Dock & Bay are donating 5% of their net profits to charities we care about. Their partners for 2020 are Whale and Dolphin Conservation and One Tree Planted - both causes close to our hearts

Dock & Bay minimise environmental impacts & giving back to causes we care about, creating a brand that future generations will be proud of. 

One the Best Upcycled Towels on the Market.

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