DIY Trampoline Day Bed

We try to upcycle as much as we can. But some things – like a broken chair or a cracked parasol, often seem a little bit beyond repair. One of the most surprising upcycling examples that we’ve seen for quite some time is an upcycled trampoline day bed. Yyep, that’s right – a bed made out of a trampoline.

Hung from the ceiling with super-strong rope, the circular trampoline mat, the springs and the frame can all be repurposed, covered with fabrics, padding, cushions and sheets to create a comfy hanging bed that looks rather stylish. You can also make an outdoor bed – create the frame out of steel rods and use woven rope to support the base. Waterproof padding would create comfort – all you’d have to do is bring the sheets indoors when you come in for the night.

The upcycled trampoline bed is basically like a twist on the hammock. We’ve seen all sorts of hanging loungers – things like hammocks from tree branches, hanging egg chairs and even day beds made from the hull of an old boat. But this is something completely new, so if you fancy trying it, have a look at these tips to learn which parts of the trampoline you need to save and how to repurpose them.

trampoline day bed

  • You’ll need to keep the trampoline frame (the ring), the trampoline springs and the trampoline mat itself – basically, the whole top of the trampoline bar the legs and feet.
  • However, because the trampoline is bouncy – by its very nature! – you might have to do some reinforcements to make sure that you don’t end up with your butt on the floor. Test how strong the tr
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