Top 10: Inspiring creations from upcycled wine barrels

With a bit of creativity, a simple wine barrel can be a repurposed into some truly inspiring and unique pieces of furniture that can add a rustic touch to any home.


We scoured the web and came back with a list of 10 unique, upcycled projects using simple wine barrels. Some of the items have utilised the truly creative genius of world-renowned designers while others may inspire you to create the pieces yourself for your own home.


Wine barrel lounger

Relax in style with this stunning lounger made from upcycled wine barrels. Designed by Marc Sadler, this piece would be the perfect accompaniment to any poolside relaxation area.


Wine barrel cradle

You wouldn’t normally have wine and baby in the same sentence, but this wine-barrel inspired cradle will provide your baby with a peaceful night’s sleep. Brought to you by San Patrignano Design Lab, the curved wood from the wine barrel provides a solid frame for your baby. While the hand woven linen and cotton bedding ensures your precious baby enjoys a truly comfortable sleep.    


Wine barrel chair

The Draghessa Chair provides you with a unique and beautifully designed chair. The creative genius behind this design is world-renowned designer Chiara Ferragamo who created this stunning chair from a repurposed wine barrel.


Wine barrel Poltrona lounge

Create a unique seating area in your garden with these beautifully designed chairs from repurposed wine barrels. Created by Antonio Citterio, these uniquely shaped chairs are a truly inspired design that shows the creativity that can be achieved from a simple wine barrel.


Wine barrel mirror

This gorgeous wine barrel mirror will add a rustic charm to any home. and you don’t even have to rely on the skills of a professional designer. Find an old wine barrel, follow the easy step-by-step instructions and you can get to enjoy a stunning wine barrel mirror in your bathroom or any other room in your house.


Wine barrel planters

Instead of using ceramic, concrete or plastic to house your plants, why not rather opt for repurposed wine barrels. The natural wood barrels will be the perfect vessel for your plants. Sold by Zeta’s Garden, you can easily create your own planters using upcycled wine barrels.   


Wine barrel side table

Instead of boring side tables, why not add some rustic charm to your seating area and use recycled wine barrels as your side tables (main image).. Pick up some ready cut wine barrels from your local hardware store or do the work yourself and cut them to your preferred height.


Wine barrel lighting

Chandelier made from recycled metal loops from wine barrels.

Selecting unique and creative lighting for a room can uplift a basic space into something truly amazing. Brought to you by Stil Novo Design, the handmade chandelier is made from recycled wine barrel metal hoops to create a truly stunning and unique piece. They same company also have unique pieces made from the wood of recycled wine barrels to light up any room in your home in a unique way.


Wine barrel garden chair

This garden chair made from rustic, recycled wine barrels and stainless steel will add a modern touch to your garden seating area. The contrast in the colouring of the wine barrels has the natural oak wood on the outside and the purplish, ruby colour on the inside. Brought to you by the San Patrignano Design Lab, the creative wine barrel chair is a project focused on respecting the environment.


Miss Dondola wine barrel swing.

Wine barrel swing

World-renowned designer, Angela Missoni has created the Miss Dondola Swing that combines recycled wine barrels with colourful padding to become the perfect place to sit on your patio or out in the garden.

What other unique uses for wine barrels have you come across? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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