The stunning recycled materials of the Sunrise and Sunset cabins

Influenced by the stunning surrounding landscape, two cabins made from recycled materials are constructed with the aim of retaining tourist revenue in the area.


Hundreds of thousands of tourists make the trip to Monument Valley in Utah to revel in the stunning desert landscape of deep canyons and towering buttes. In an attempt to keep some of the tourist revenue in the reservation, Design Build BLUFF and the Mexican Water Chapter of the Navajo Nation teamed up to construct two rentable cabins for tourists visiting Monument Valley.



The end result is two beautifully constructed cabins that fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape. The 300-square-foot cabins are aptly named Sunrise and Sunset. To compliment the Blue Mountains and Monument Valley landscape the outside of the cabins are constructed out of reclaimed barn wood and rusted metal.


The interior of the cabins features concrete floors, sinks and counters. While more reclaimed barn wood was used for the walls and room partitions.


The design of the cabins both inside and out compliment rather than fight against the surrounding landscape. From the rusted exterior that matches the surrounding red soil to the stunning minimalist interior with strategically placed windows and skylights to let in soft lighting.


The Sunrise and Sunset cabins are truly amazing designs that have kept recycled materials in mind, with the aim of adding to the landscape rather than distracting from the beauty.


Images via: Design Build BLUFF
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