Dutch design at its best

“Waste is only waste, if we waste it!” Wise words from the brothers behind Indusigns who joined forces to create a collection of unique items that are both innovative, authentic and environmentally conscious.


Gijs Bodt and Chiel Bodt hail from The Netherlands and together have created a unique collection of lighting, furniture and dog beds. The two are constantly on the hunt for materials that they can use in their collections. Searching through flea markets, former ironmongers, farmyards and the internet they are constantly on the hunt for anything from used oil drums, old tools, steel cans, etc. Their motto is “the more rust, the better,” which gives the Indusigns collection a rustic, fantastic industrial feel.   




Indusigns’ core business is industrial lighting. While they mainly focus on industrial pendant lights, the brothers also create wall, table and floor lamps.


The unique and rustic lighting collection is made from a variety of different materials, including oil drums, rusted milk canisters, gas cans and even a propeller from a ventilation system.


The hardest decision you will make is deciding on which of the industrial vintage feels you want to add to your home or offices.




Indusigns also has a wide range of furniture, from outdoor pieces, to armchairs, tables and cabinets ensuring you can find the perfect piece for your home.  

Included in their furniture collection are two vintage items. An old industrial furnace has been rescued from the scrap heap and transformed into an eye-catching display piece. The Indusigns team have also transformed an old Jerry can into a great place to store newspapers and magazines or it can simply be used as a great feature piece for your room.


Dog beds


Indusigns dog beds provide a comfortable place for your furry friend while at the same time providing a unique and vintage feel. Using upcycled oil drums, these rustic dog beds come in a variety of sizes to suit the smallest of dogs to the biggest. If you have a small dog or a cat you can even opt for a bed made from an upcycled Jerry can.



While Indusigns has a wide collection of lighting, furniture and dog beds the team also offer customisation, allowing you to create an item that suits your home, office or business perfectly.


Check out the full collection on the Indusigns site.


Images via Indusigns
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