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Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Australian Made Brands

This Australia Day, we’re taking the opportunity to give a little shout out to our incredible local makers. We’re insanely lucky to be able to work with these businesses, who are all doing their bit for the planet with their expertise and creativity. Let’s give it up for all of our eco-friendly Australian made brands, we couldn’t do what we do without you!

Lil’ Bit

This lil’ story all started with some lil’ bees.  Lil’ Bit is the brainchild of Liz Harper, who started her very first beehive in Phillip Island and discovered how these tiny little creatures play huge roles in our ecosystems. These days, bees’ ever-decreasing populations are a result of nasty chemicals seeping into our environment. So armed with this knowledge and the motivation to help save the animals she loves most, Liz created Lil’ Bit, a range of homemade, small-batch cleaning products. Her all-natural collection includes items like room sprays, gardener’s soap and disinfectant sprays – all of which are safe for your home and great for the environment.


Shop the Lil’ Bit collection.

Pigeon & Weasel

Hand cut candles, made from old beer bottles? Very cool idea, right? That’s exactly what a couple of buddies from Sydney thought all the way back in 2008. They launched their candle and diffuser brand Pigeon and Weasel, which places a focus on creative scents that are a little bit more inspired than your standard candle fragrances. Since we’re celebrating Australia today, we think you should definitely check out the Red Frogs candle, a nostalgic throwback to trips to the school canteen.


Shop the Pigeon & Weasel collection.

Zen Botanics

Natural skincare, that smells good enough to eat! All products from Sydney-based brand Zen Botanics is lovingly handcrafted by founder Annie Lau. She takes everything back to basics with her all natural skincare line that is free of irritants, sulphates and parabens. After spending a long time battling illnesses, not looking after herself and always feeling run down, Annie decided it was time to treat her body better, and thought that other people could benefit from this too. We absolutely love the Pink Clay & Shea Butter Handmade Soap and the Bulgarian Rose Face Mist.


Shop the Zen Botanics collection.

Frank Green

Join the reuse revolution along with leading eco-friendly Australian made brand Frank Green. This company has made huge progress in the war on waste, helping to reduce the number of disposable cups that go into landfill every year. Coffee culture is huge in Australia so it’s fantastic that Melbourne-based Frank Green provides an eco-friendly alternative for consumers. The screw top lid makes the cups leakproof and perfect for active lifestyles. There’s also a nifty Cafe Pay function that links to your bank account. This means you can scan your cup in a jiffy and be on your way, coffee in hand, in no time!


Shop the Frank Green collection.

Mae Laine

Treat yourself to some relaxation time and hop in the bath with Mae Laine. This lifestyle brand from the Hunter Valley blends together a combination of natural ingredients such as Australian and Pink Himalayan Rock Salts to create a calming infusion. Their range of bath tea bags comes packaged in a calico bag that’s designed for reuse and just like regular tea bags, they can also be composted after being dissolved.


Shop the Mae Laine collection.

Mojo Candle Co

We’ve had the beer bottles and now comes the wine! Mojo is our in-house candle brand which specialises in handmade soy candles all poured into reclaimed wine bottles. So don’t worry if you love a good drop from time to time, your empty bottles can get recycled! The dedicated Mojo team is based in both Sydney and Canberra and meticulously makes each and every candle by hand. If you want to give a unique gift or add a little bit of eco-luxe to your home or office, a Mojo candle is a surefire winner.


Shop the Mojo Candle Co collection.


Help reduce single-use plastic from damaging our precious oceans, one beeswax wrap at a time! Australian brand Apiwraps handmakes all of their products in a local workshop in East Maitland. Each wrap is produced with GOTS certified organic cotton and local NSW beeswax. The perfect alternative to cling wrap and zip lock bags, you can wrap sandwiches, leftover fruit, vegetables and cheese. They come in a bunch of vibrant prints and will add some colour to your fridge, making meal times much more fun and enjoyable! Apiwraps are available in a bunch of different sizes and can also be purchased in pre-made packs to really kickstart your eco-kitchen journey.


Shop the Apiwraps collection.

Time Flies

One of the most unique and inspired eco-friendly Australian made brands is Sydney based Time Flies. Have you ever thought that you could transform old watch pieces into beautiful handmade jewellery and accessories? That’s exactly what this design duo does, collecting old watches and breathing new life into once discarded objects. This is upcycling at its finest and such a wonderful alternative to cookie-cutter jewellery brands. The perfect gift for that someone special, or a timeless piece that adds some glam to any outfit.


Shop the Time Flies collection.


Hoorah for all of these wonderful eco-friendly Australian businesses. We’re so proud of what they do and love that all of the products you see on this page are lovingly made in Australia. It’s brands like these that make it so fun and easy to shop local.

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