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Green Your Space: Our Favourite Plant Books

Did you know that being surrounded by plants helps to reduce stress levels and is great for your health? Not only do plants purify the air around you, bringing a touch of nature indoors benefits humans on a more primal level too. We’re meant to be surrounded by the natural environment but in modern society, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get outside. So why not create a nature-filled zone in your home or office? Our fantastic selection of plant books will help you gather up all the inspiration you need.


Grow all your herbs at home with the help of this handy resource, Herbarium. This little guide has all the info you’ll need for your herb-related questions, with information on 100 different herbs and their nutritional benefits. Not just one of your average gardening, recipe or plant books, Herbarium is your own beautifully illustrated ‘herb manual’ showcasing how to garnish, cook and create all natural and healing potions with ingredients such as bergamot, dill, sassafras and even wasabi! Did you also know that Echinacea gets its name from the Greek word for hedgehog? That’s right – this is thanks to the plant’s prickly scales that can be found on a cone-like seed head. Filled with colourful illustrative depictions of each herb – this publication is a great find for all pattern and textile lovers too. A great addition to this compendium is a set of Herbarium Reference Cards to make you feel like a herb master extraordinaire!


Herbarium Plant Book

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Indoor Green

This is the essential book that you’ll need to start transforming your home into a luscious green space. Indoor Green celebrates houseplants in all their weird and wonderful glory and shows you how to incorporate them brilliantly into your own space. Learn more about the characteristics of the most popular indoor plants so you can make a more informed decision of what will work best for your space and lifestyle. We love how this book takes you around the world – visit an overflowing potted haven in Kyoto, Japan or take a trip to Melbournian Joe Crawford’s lifelong collection of plants that he’s been cultivating for the past 50 years! Indoor Green is a great mix of everyday people’s personal plant collections and general green thumb info that can guide you along your plant-loving journey.

Indoor Green Book


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Tiny World Terrariums

Do you live in a small space that doesn’t have a garden? Or maybe just a teeny tiny balcony that might be limiting your green thumb? Never fear because with all the right tips and tricks you can bring some greenery into your home in the form of a cute-as-ever terrarium. They are vibrant, endearing and a unique way of injecting a little bit of nature into smaller spaces. Tiny World Terrariums is the perfect DIY guide to get you started, packed with plenty of tips and tricks in addition to step-by-step instructions. The book’s many photos of gorgeous finished terrariums will have you feeling creative and inspired in no time! Start off with all the basics – eg. what tools will you need? The book goes through everything and explains why tweezers and “pokey sticks” (yes, that is the proper scientific term) of all shapes and sizes are your best friend in terms of a terrarium project. We really love how the author has used all sorts of cute little figurines to liven up some of her own projects – it adds such character and a lovely sense of playfulness.

Tiny World Terrariums

Tiny World Terrariums plant book at Upcycle Studio

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Learn how to grow your own food and eat it too! Homegrown is perfect for anyone looking to create their own veggie patch but has no idea where to start. This book provides clear and uncomplicated illustrations, showcasing how to plant, grow and harvest 25 of the easiest fruits and vegetables to get going in your very own garden. It’s a perfect mix of cookbook and gardening guide, with recipes such as a tomato and watermelon gazpacho and tips for what produce thrives in which season.

Homegrown Book Cover

Homegrown Inside Book

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Urban Farms

Learn all about the new wave of Urban Farms that are popping up more and more frequently in different metropolises worldwide. Urbanites are starting to realise that farming is not just something that exclusively belongs to the countryside and are creating their own farms in major cities. The book profiles 16 innovative urban farms and talks of the passionate individuals who are growing their own food, and some even raising their own animals! This book demonstrates that almost any part of everyday modern life can have a DIY approach – you just need to know where to start.

Urban Farms

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Garden City

Have you ever thought about a skyscraper as a living entity? Something that moves, breathes and creates life much like the rest of nature? It’s a very new concept that is at the forefront of modern architectural design and is captured brilliantly in Garden City. You might not know this but these types of living, breathing buildings already exist in the world and are capable of being ecologically autonomous, horticulturally productive and both pleasing to the eye and relevant to our day-to-day lifestyles. This book showcases more than 100 recent projects including city “tree houses” and civic buildings that connect to existing water management systems. This book is a look at garden on a much larger scale – it forces us to think about how landscape architecture can aid in the preservation of scarce resources for generations to come.

Garden City Book Cover

Buy Garden City at Upcycle Studio.

Buy Garden City at Upcycle Studio.

Native – Art & Design with Australian Plants

One of the best plant books that celebrates all the beautiful colours of Australia is Native – Art and Design with Australian Plants. Going beyond our typical idea of an “Aussie bush garden” the publication demonstrates how easy it can be to use Australian natives to create new and exciting horticultural landscapes. There are plenty of tips on how to use flora in different ways to create varying visual impacts. Do you want to create a focal point in your space or maybe just have accents dispersed around? Native will inform you on how to achieve these types of stylistic techniques and many more with Australian plants that are so easily accessible and in abundance these days. This book is the perfect reference material for lovers of horticultural and lansdcape design.

Buy Native – Art and Design with Australian Plants at Upcycle Studio

For a little bit more inspiration on how to add some green into your space, check out our excellent range of rubber planters and natural storage baskets. They’re a great way to spruce up all your plant projects – from small options for all your herb pots or larger sizes for those big outdoor beauties.

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