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Since 2005 Green Guru has been making tremendous progress in the upcycling world. Their range of cycling bags and accessories turn heads for all the right reasons. Green, good-looking and great for your cycling commute. What more could you want? We are excited to announce that our first shipment of Green Guru has just arrived and can’t wait for everyone else start falling in love with this stuff too!

Green Guru Recycling Stations

In order to manufacture their products, the brand has established a number of “recycling stations” in Denver, Colorado. These act as drop-off points for anyone who wants to donate items like old bike tubes, wetsuits, climbing ropes, tents and banners. Which are all then transformed into awesome new things in Green Guru’s nearby factory in Boulder. If you don’t happen to live in Denver, though, you can still participate in the recycling program by posting your goods. By donating your old items, you earn yourself a coupon code to purchase a new Green Guru product. Pretty fantastic, right?

Partner Organisations

You know that you’re onto a great thing when other companies are keen to help you along the way. Green Guru has partnered with some fantastic businesses such as REI, Shimano and Patagonia, collecting all of their old outdoor gear like tents and wetsuits and breathing new life into them. To date, the brand has recycled about 250,000kg of outdoor gear waste. This includes old items such as punctured bike tubes, torn wetsuits and old climbing rope. It’s incredible to think that all these heavy-duty materials would have been destined for landfill if they weren’t reclaimed by Green Guru.

Cycle Better

We love brands that encourage you to leave the car at home and get on a bike instead. It’s better for the environment, better for your health and a great way to relieve traffic congestion during peak hour. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cycling aficionado, the Green Guru range will make riding your bike around town a little bit easier. Here are just some of our favourite Green Guru products that will help you carry your belongings as you ride.

Cyclopath 22L Hydration Backpack

Carry all your gear and make sure you stay hydrated on the ride. This simple clamshell backpack provides ultimate practicality with water bottle pockets, compression straps, organisational compartments and a handy hydration bladder. The Cyclopath is constructed from a perfect mix of upcycled, recycled and new materials which provide maximum durability for any adventure you might go on.

Buy the Green Guru Cyclopath Backpack.

Wedge Toiletry Bag

The perfect travel buddy, the Green Guru Wedge Toiletry bag can carry all the essentials to keep you fresh whilst on the move. The bright-coloured and upcycled fabric really stands out inside a backpack or suitcase. Making it super easy to spot in times of need!

Buy the Green Guru Wedge Travel Kit.

Dutchy Pannier Bag

Shopping trips on your bike have just been made easier with Dutchy Pannier Bag. This versatile carry option transforms from pannier trunk to practical messenger in seconds. Made from reclaimed billboard material, this bag is tough and makes it a breeze to transport your belongings on two wheels. Use it to do a small grocery shop or to haul your gear to work or uni.

Buy the Green Guru Dutchy Pannier Bag.

Shop the entire Green Guru range at Upcycle Studio.

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