Flip & Tumble 24/7 Bag Review

The Flip & Tumble 24/7 bag is a fantastic way to make sure you have a reusable bag on you at all times. These handy shoulder bags pack down into a little ball that you can pop into your purse, backpack or beach bag, ready for any purchase. It fits in the palm of your hand and you could even pop one inside the pocket of a winter coat!


Over the shoulder strap

The Flip & Tumble 24/7 bag has a single shoulder strap. The longer strap makes it a lot easier to carry bulky or boxy items over your shoulder. Have you ever packed a traditional double-handle supermarket bag to the brim only to awkwardly rest your arm on it all the way home? The extra length in the strap really does make a difference in terms of comfort.


Padded insert on strap

A small bit of padding on the shoulder strap helps to make this bag more comfortable to wear. It’s not crazy thick but it definitely does aid in keeping the bag sitting in place. The padding also prevents the strap from bunching up and digging into your shoulder which can happen with heavy loads.

Stretchy inner pouch

The key to the pack down process is the bag’s ingenious stretch pouch. It’s so simple, you just literally just stuff the bag into the little pocket and voila! From bag to ball in seconds! Here’s a video which shows how it works.

How much can it hold?

Would you believe that this compact bag is designed to carry up to 15kg? To give you a better idea of how much weight they can hold, we popped a whole bunch of large books inside one of these bad boys. We were carrying about 8kg and the bag still felt strong and sturdy. To be fair, it’s not particularly comfortable to tote that many books around, but it’s not often you’d really be doing this. For grocery shops on the slightly heavier side, however, we think these are great!

Who should grab one?

The Flip & Tumble 24/7 Bag range is available in a bunch of fun colours and great for the eco-friendly shopper. Mum’s can pop these into a baby bag or stroller for impromptu grocery purchases or tourist’s can travel prepared with an emergency bag for unexpected souvenirs. They’re so versatile and we love that they help to reduce plastic waste for our planet.

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