Book Review: The Box – Architectural Solutions With Containers

Challenge your notions of traditional architecture with this beautiful coffee table book. The Box – Architectural Solutions With Containers by Sibylle Kramer features a carefully curated selection of interesting spaces from around the world. All built from shipping containers. This publication will make you rethink anything you’ve ever known about those brightly coloured boxes that sail across the seas.

The shipping container, once just a simple and effective way of transporting large amounts of cargo has now brought new life to modern architecture. These days, there are several awe-inspiring residential and commercial buildings fabricated from the humble big steel box. Kramer’s book includes a collection of incredible shipping container houses such as Tarifa House in Cadiz, Spain and Upcycle House in Nyborg, Denmark. You are also transported to some fantastically innovative office spaces around the world. We absolutely love Amsterdam’s City Hall, by far the most unique city council office that we’ve ever seen!


image source: Home DSGN (Tarifa House, Spain)

image source: Lendager Group (Upcycle House, Denmark)

The book’s author, Sibylle Kramer, is a German architect based in Hamburg. In addition to some details about each building, she also gives readers small tidbits of information about containers in general. For instance, did you know that shipping containers are the strongest mobile or stationary structure in the world, built to withstand typhoons, tornados, hurricanes and even earthquakes? Pretty impressive for such a simple piece of design!



The Box - Architectural Solutions with Containers Amsterdam City Hall
image source: Office Snapshots (Amsterdam City Hall)

If you love sustainable design that pushes boundaries, we highly recommend this book for you. It’s a great flick-through as well as an interesting read.


Purchase The Box – Architectural Solutions With Containers at Upcycle Studio.

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