Music and skateboard lovers listen up

When a skateboard breaks or is just too old it normally makes its way over to the trash heap. However, one innovative San Francisco student is looking to transform old skateboards and upcycle them into pure music enjoyment.


Nick Poufard wanted to do a job he loved and work with his hands, so he combined his love for music and skateboarding and started Prisma Guitars.


Skateboards are not made out of plywood, like so many people assume, but rather several layers of hardrock maple. Some of the seven layers that make up a skateboard are dyed, which allows Nick to create stunning, one-of-a-kind creations.



The self-taught woodworker and industrial design student made his first guitar when he was 18. Now he has made it his career, by transforming old skateboards into guitars. Each guitar is 100% handmade and as the unique wood colours differ for each skateboard, they are also 100% unique.


Watch how these gorgeous works of art come to life in the video below:


I suddenly have the urge to learn to play the guitar, just so that I could own one of these amazing creations. Head over to the Prisma Guitars site to check out Nick’s other unique guitar creations.

Images via: Prisma Guitars
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