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      Reusable Metal Straws

      Reusable Metal Straws - Upcycle Studio

      Worldwide we send billions of plastic straws to landfill and our oceans every single year. Plastic straws are not only unrecyclable they play havoc with our marine life and stick around for hundreds of years before breaking down. They are an unecessary few minutes of convenience that we can easily do without or we can easily replace with a reusable alternative that is far nicer to drink from and far more satisfying when you realise that you've saved another piece of plastic from our environment every time you sip. We stock a wide range of reusable straws in both stainless steel and bamboo options together with straw cleaners so that you can continue to reuse your straw over and over again.

      Evergreen Straw Cleaner - Upcycle Studio