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100% Of Every Good X Karma Soap and Lip Balm Will Be Donated to - SurFebruary 

It is pretty mind-blowing when you meet a 10 year old boy who dedicates his time on the weekends to make unique hand crafted, ocean inspired soaps and nourishing lip balms to sell and raise much needed money for cancer treatment, research and clinical trials.

Xav Neil with his "live to give" and "Good x Karma" sentiments first began to fundraise through SurFebruary in 2018. SurFebruary raises money and awareness for the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse- a not-for-profit hospital that is devoted to providing a holistic approach to cancer prevention and treatment. Cancer patients can receive complimentary therapies such as acupuncture and reflexology and they have a Living Room for exercise, yoga and mindfulness sessions- all of which help support their physical and mental wellbeing.

After individually raising over $12,000 in 2018 Xav still wanted to do more, and so Good x Karma was founded. Each Good x Karma soap and lip balm that is sold sees 100% of Xav's profit go directly to the Lifehouse.

We all know that exercise, sunlight and being by the ocean brings about a sense of wellbeing. You feel your mood improve and often the feelings of stress and anxiety are reduced. SurFebruary promotes this lifestyle through the SURFEB A Wave A Day fundraiser to raise money for the Lifehouse.  Xav has signed up for SurFebruary again this year, making it his third year in a row. 

You can support his amazing efforts and buy Good X Karma!!!  Upcycle Studio will donate 100% of the sales of all Good X Karma Cleanse Bars and Lip Balms sold throughout February through Xav's fundraiser page.

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