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Trash, Tunes & Treasure

Seaside Scavenge - Trash, Tunes & Treasure to clean up our ocean.       

This is totally our vibe and exactly why we were proud to sponsor Seaside Scavenge and help support their mission which is to activate local communities to re-imagine waste as a resource through fun and unique programs that ultimately clean up the ocean.                

How good is life when you can trade trash for treasure tokens!!!!

Seaside Scavenge, along with the help of some amazing community folk donating 10,211kg of pre-loved clothing, have created an event where pop-up market stalls are set up so that waterway trash can be collected and traded for quality second-hand items. These items can then re-fulfil their purpose as a new treasure in someone else's life. Other donations that have been up for trade include shoes, jewellery, books and homewares. With live tunes and a passionate crew, these coastline cleanup sessions are a massive success resulting in 13,887kg of litter being removed from waterways and 8,802 "scavengers" being educated about waste!

You can participate in plastic-free living workshops, listen to marine talks and naturally be inspired to become a conscious consumer and help fulfil the Seaside Scavenge vision of a world where waste is a resource.

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Seaside Scavenge | Upcycle Studio

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