What’s The Deal With BPA Free Water Bottles?

You probably have a few water bottles lying around the house. One for the gym, one for work, one might even be a teeny tiny bottle for your baby’s milk. A water bottle is a common household object that we often use. So it’s incredibly important to choose one that is safe to drink from and doesn’t contain any harmful toxins. That’s why Upcycle Studio only sells BPA free water bottles. They’re better for your body and for the planet.


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What Does BPA Free Actually Mean?

There’s a lot of fuss these days about BPA free but what does this really mean? The “BPA” actually stands for Bisphenol-A, a chemical that is commonly used to line plastic food containers. The compound is frequently used because it is low cost and durable. But who wants this if it’s a detriment to your health? We’d much rather opt for natural, safer alternatives, 100% of the time! BPA free is the way to go because this means your water bottles do not contain a dangerous chemical ingredient that you could be ingesting each time you take a sip of your beverage. Take a look at our blog post about BPA free for some more detailed information.


What Are BPA Free Water Bottles?

When you hear the term “BPA free water bottles” you might think of just plastic bottles straight away. But other materials are also BPA free and provide a nice alternative to plastic. Forget the boring styles you usually see at supermarkets, BPA free water bottles have never looked better, with brands now placing a heavy emphasis on aesthetics and impeccable design.

Plastic BPA Free Water Bottles

A plastic water bottle is a great option for those who want to minimise weight inside their backpacks or handbags. The clear shell also means that you can always see inside, letting you know when it’s time to top up or give the bottle a good clean. These are also particularly great for clumsy types, who can be prone dropping things from time to time! Minimal breakages are always a great thing!

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Glass BPA Free Water Bottles

A glass water bottle is a simple and elegant way of transporting your beverage. You drink from glass cups or tumblers at home, right? So why not do the same while you’re out and about. Glass is an inert material, which means that it doesn’t react with chemicals, making glass bottles completely BPA free. There are plenty more benefits of glass, including sustainability and versatility. Head over to Branch Basics’ and read more about the Benefits of Switching to Glass for your food and drink storage needs.

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Stainless Steel BPA Free Water Bottles

If you’re really active, an outdoors person, or a camping aficionado a stainless steel bottle is a brilliant choice. The material is super durable and won’t break if being thrown around in a bag. A lot of stainless steel bottles can also be easily attached to a backpack with a carabiner – making them easily accessible while walking or hiking. The insulation properties are also fantastic, keeping your drinks cold or warm for several hours.

Advantages of BPA Free Water Bottles

  • Limiting exposure to toxins (preventing “chemical leaching” where BPA makes its way into the liquid inside your bottle)
  • Safer for babies and children (who are more susceptible to BPA exposure)
  • Environmentally friendly (BPA free water bottles don’t leak harmful chemicals into the planet after disposal)
  • Promotes reusables (reducing single use plastic consumption)

We’re big advocates of living a more natural life as much as possible. Which is why you’ll only ever find BPA free water bottles here at Upcycle Studio. Chemical free makes for happier bodies and healthier lifestyles so it’s a win-win situation all round!

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