Introducing: Eva Solo BPA Free Water Bottle, Sports Bottle & Coffee Cup

This Danish homewares brand has been in the game for over 100 years and is still going strong. They make reusables fashionable. They ooze Scandinavian sophistication. Most importantly, they encourage people to ditch single-use plastic. We’re super excited to announce our new Eva Solo BPA free water bottle, sports bottle and a sleek coffee cup for all the caffeine lovers out there!

Eva Solo BPA Free Water Bottle

Lightweight, watertight and incredibly portable, this water bottle is great for people who are always on the move. The convenient handle lets you wrap it around your wrist – perfect for when you have tonnes of things in your hands already and need to get up and go in a hurry. A wide mouthed spout means that you can fit ice cubes inside the bottle to keep your drink extra fresh on hot days. We have this 500ml bottle available in a bright lime green that adds some vibrant colour to your day.

Buy the Eva Solo BPA Free Water Bottle at Upcycle Studio.


Eva Solo BPA Free Sports Bottle

Sports enthusiasts and gym junkies, we’ve found the ideal water bottle for you! This understatedly simple drinking vessel will tick all of your boxes. Easy to drink pop-top spout? Check. Nifty silicone carry handle? Check. A cleverly-designed strap that means you’ll never lose your lid on the move? Check! Whether you’re jogging on a treadmill or on a long distance cycle, the Eva Solo BPA free sports bottle has got you covered.

Buy the Eva Solo BPA Free Sports Water Bottle at Upcycle Studio.


Eva Solo BPA Free Coffee Cup

Maybe you’re similar to us and a bit of a caffeine fiend? If you like to always be close to good tea or coffee wherever you go, the Eva Solo coffee cup is an excellent portable solution. The easy to use lid opens up the bottle’s spot in one push, you can literally don’t need two hands to take a sip from this bottle. A double-walled vacuum insulation keeps hot drinks hot but also can be used for cold beverages too. So even if you’re not a coffee fan, this is still a great option as an everyday water bottle. Just be careful with this bottle though if you tend to carry a lot of loose things inside your bag. The pop-up lid might get knocked by something and the last thing you’d want is coffee all over your stuff! We recommend holding this one in your hand when filled.

Buy the Eva Solo BPA Free Coffee To Go Cup at Upcycle Studio.


Join us in the reusable revolution and say goodbye to single use plastic today! The new Eva Solo range at Upcycle Studio is not only chic and minimal but has been thoughtfully designed to make your life easier. Stay hydrated with these BPA free water bottles and coffee cups with a stylish Scandinavian edge.

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