Upcycled shoes using unique Versace and Louis Vuitton patterns

Fancy a pair of sneakers covered in a vintage Versace pattern? Then I have found the perfect pair for you.


If you have a thing for shoes that use upcycled materials and have deep pockets then you could be the perfect customer for Etai LA.


The Los Angeles-based designer makes one of a kind shoes and sneakers that are handmade and definitely attention grabbing. They do come with hefty price tags though, with the Instagram account stating that prices start at US$1,000 (approximately AU$1,381).


The main image shows a pair of ‘What the Versace’ sneakers. The designer took a pair of vintage Versace silken pants and upcycled them by sewing pieces of the silk material onto a pair of Nike Air Max 1 sneakers. They may not be to everyone’s taste, but they will definitely make a statement and you would not have to be concerned that your friend would have the same pair.



There is also a range of sandals and sneakers that sport the distinctive Louis Vuitton pattern.


Check out the Etai LA Instagram account for the full range of sneakers and sandals and perhaps buy a pair for yourself if you are so inclined.



Images via: Etai LA
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