Retired Apple computers live on in the form of furniture

What happens to the once popular, latest version of a computer when it is discontinued? Landfill or rather recycled? But what if they could be upcycled and live another life. A completely different life to their former, but still providing joy to customers.

When the Apple Power Mac G5 was launched by Steve Jobs back in 2003. It was the fastest Mac for Apple at the time and was paired with a gorgeous, streamlined design that was revolutionary. Like a lot of technologies, though, the G5 didn’t last and was retired in 2006.

One person who couldn’t let them go was Klaus Geiger, who worked on the almost 10-year production process of the G5, from start to finish. Geiger’s upcycle project is aptly named Benchma[r]c. The designer sticks with Apple’s commitment to clean, modernist design in the production of the upcycled G5 machines into unique office furniture including benches, cupboards, tables and sets of drawers.

These striking pieces of furniture would not look out of place in any office, home or even as a place to rest in a park.

Image via: Klaus Geiger

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