Upcycle Fetish: Hunting trophies of a different kind


Hunting trophies that combine upcycling, design and creativity to create unique decorative pieces that serve a purpose.


While I am definitely not a promoter of any house have hunting trophies up on the wall, these unique pieces are something I can definitely get behind.


Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Bull Head, Austrian designer Andreas Scheiger created his Upcycle Fetish collection. Using upcycled bicycle seats and handlebars, collected from bicycle flea markets, they are then mounted on a piece of leftover wood to create a truly different type of hunting trophy. One that we can all approve of.


Upcycle Fetish collection

Upcycle Fetish 6


Not only do the pieces in the Upcycle Fetish collection make cool decorative pieces for any wall in your house, but they also serve a purpose. Each of the ‘fetish hangers’ is able to carry a heavy load and can hold everyday objects like hats, coats or bags. While the trophies, with suitable handlebars, are used as a space-saving bike rack.


Upcycle Fetish 4

Upcycle Fetish 1


Check out the full Upcycle Fetish collection on Andreas Scheiger’s site.


Upcycle Fetish 3


Whether you are a cyclist or not, this cool upcycled take on a hunting trophy can be the perfect useful decorative piece for your home.


Images via: Andreas Scheiger
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