Soft Landing puts the environment and people first


“Recycling takes a little effort on your part, but makes a big difference to the world.”


Across Australia, an astounding 1.25 million mattress make their way onto a landfill every year. The scary fact is that there are so many components in a mattress that can easily be recycled, rather than slowly rotting away on a landfill, just adding to an already polluted environment.


An average mattress contains a wealth of reusable items including 12.5kg of steel, 2kg of wood and 1.5kg of foam. Sadly the norm seems to be for these recyclable items to be ignored when it comes to residents trading in their mattress for a new one and for them to rather take up valuable space on a landfill.


Soft Landing is the answer when it comes to replacing your mattress, a company who is on a mission to save mattresses from landfills and create a sustainable business. They have developed a closed-loop material recovery for all the components found in mattresses.


Soft Landing’s recycling process


Mattress - Copy


When it comes to recycling mattress components, Soft Landing is the masters, recycling up to 90% of all the components. Steel springs are sold to scrap metal companies, the foam is used for carpet underlay and the timber is made into kindling, animal bedding, and mulch. The felt pad and fabric is used in boxing bags while the husk is used as weed matting and mulch.


The environment’s not the only one benefiting from Soft Landing’s work


By salvaging the different components of a mattress, Soft Landing is diverting thousands of tonnes of waste from landfills annually. However, at the same time they are creating jobs and providing training for local people who have experienced barriers in getting lasting employment.


Choose a Soft Landing when you need to replace your mattress


If the time has arrived for you to replace your mattress then get in contact with Soft Landing and either drop off your mattress or have them collect it. Drop-off locations include Bellambi and, Smithfield in New South Wales; Hume in Canberra; and Wangara in Perth.


For a small fee, Soft Landing will recycle your mattress into its component parts and sell these onto recyclers. Visit Soft Landing for more details.


Images via: Soft Landing; Facebook
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