The Mojo Journey

Everyone needs a lil Mojo in their life…right?

Meet Mo (AKA Monty) & Jo, creators of the Mojo Case and owners at Upcycle Studio! With Upcycle Studio about to turn two we are super proud to launch and celebrate our newest Upcycled brand ‘Mojo Case’ a creative collaboration that involved long road trips on the hunt for discarded speakers, weekends spent trawling through antique stores for vintage cases, lots of late nights and early mornings, great tunes, lots of laughs and copious amounts of Perroni!

So what inspired us to create ‘Mojo’? A love of all things cool, reclaimed and LOUD! The perfect way to get a party started or a beach game of footy, a picnic bbq or just sitting back in your loungeroom. We love the way they look, the way they sound and the way that you can take them everywhere. They are the perfect conversation piece and best of all each and everyone is individual and unique. We love Mojo and we hope that you do too! Here’s a little more about them and our journey….

The planning phase…

It was important to us when we started the Mojo project that it met all of our normal Upcycle Studio buying criteria. Every piece had to be interesting, unique, well made, eco friendly and have a great attention to detail so the planning and design process for each case was lengthy. We spent a huge amount of time pulling speakers out of boxes and carefully testing and matching them to each case based on their size, colour, style and sound quality so that each one not only looks great but sounds fantastic too!

Mojo Case

How do you use them?

With a 25+ hour battery life every Mojo case can be taken out on the road making them perfect for picnics in the sunshine, beach holidays, road trips, sporting events , festivals, camping trips…and anywhere you’re looking for hours of your favourite tunes. When they’re at home Mojo Cases can be recharged by plugging them in and can be played all day, every day like a regular stereo. Each case has external Volume, Bass & Treble controls and a 3.5mm jack to plug in your smart phone, tablet or any other compatible device to play your own playlists or stream from your favourite radio station, Spotify or Pandora or plug a microphone or instrument into it and use it as an amplifier!

Mojo Case the making

What are they made out of?

The majority of each Mojo Case is made with reclaimed components, all of the suitcases used are vintage and (usually well travelled!) and the speakers are pulled out of large house speaker boxes. The amplifier, battery and wiring are all new to ensure consistent sound quality and long battery life. The internal insulation is made from recycled glass bottles and the Mojo badge is made from sustainable Bamboo which makes the whole unit one powerful & eco friendly little boombox!

Mojo Case in the making

Whats next?

After having completed our first round of cases we’re now excitedly planning the next Mojo phase. Still on the drawing board is a range of old Bakelite radios which we plan to refurbish and fit with Bluetooth to create the perfect vintage desk or bedside radio and even more exciting again….an Australian Artist series of Mojo Cases. 10 Unique cases, hand painted and signed by a selection of local artists handpicked by us to reflect the Mojo brand.

Mojo Case

It’s been an absolute blast creating Mojo and after overcoming many obstacles by far the most difficult one is parting with each of them…..they’ve all got their own little characters and after many shared hours together it’s sad to see them go but satisfying to know that they will soon embark on a new and fun filled journey on the road, at a picnic, on a camping trip, off to the beach, wherever they go we’re certain they’ll have an awesome second life and be the centre of many parties to come!

If you have a case or speakers you’d like converted get in contact and we can discuss your very own custom Mojo Case!  

Check out the whole Mojo Case collection!

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