Retro & Reclaimed – Lighting in a different light!

There’s nothing better than seeing another Artists or Designers nail an Upcycle project so we were pretty dam happy when we discovered the very talented Willem Heefer!

Based in Finland, but born in the Netherlands, Willem truly believes in the ecology and ethics behind his work. Using both upcycled and recycled components, he has created a collection of retro lighting that is both functional and eco-friendly.

His most recent pieces include lamps made from upcycled washing machine drums that are available in six cheerful colours; light pink, slate grey, retro orange, pastel blue, pale green and salt white.

Complete with 2 metre fabric braided cable and circular fluorescent bulbs, these simple yet innovative lamps will brighten up your desk, bedside table or living room and (we hope) inspire you to rid your home of mass-produced unsustainable appliances.

Retro & Reclaimed – Lighting in a different light! Mandala

Mandala Willem Upcycle Journal

Hans Välimäki’s Midhill Restaurant in Helsinki is a shining example, featuring 334 of Willem’s Heinz Beans can lights! These tin pieces are made with the help of local restaurants, who collect their used cans, ready for Willem to upcycle.

Midhill Restaurant

The Campell’s Tomato Soup pendant light is one of our fave’s, with a distinct ‘pop-art’ influence and 15cm fabric cable, we think they are perfect for a charmingly romantic dining table light.

Campbell Can

The unique history of each piece makes Willem’s work truly special. Oil cans salvaged from local recycling centres are transformed into hanging lamps complete with recycled tuna can ceiling roses.

The labels are reprinted directly onto the oil cans in authentic vintage colours, taking you back to those 50’s magazine advertisements for soap powder and butter- a time when people bought things to last.

Take a look at the complete collection on the Willem Heefer product page such a great designer doing wonderful things, hats off to you Willem Heefer!

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