The Joseph Joseph Go Eat Range

Transport your meals to work or uni in style with the awesome range of Joseph Joseph Go Eat lunch boxes. We’re super confident that these will help you to eat more healthily every day and spend less money on takeaway each week. Win win!

image source: Joseph Joseph


The modular-style of the containers provide ultimate practicality. You can chop and change your lunch box setup dependent on what you’re eating for the day. Separate all wet ingredients from the dry or stack some sourdough on top of your soup. Check out the video below to give you a better idea of how versatile Joseph Joseph Go Eat range is.


Whether you like taking leftover dinners to work or are more of a snacker throughout the day, there’s a bunch of different sizes to suit your needs. You can grab a rectangular lunch box which comes with a removable divider to separate your food or a square salad box equipped with a mini dressing pot which keeps your meal nice and fresh. There are also two round versions for those who love soup and snacks.

image source: Joseph Joseph

New to the Joseph Joseph collection at Upcycle studio, we also have a range of lunch boxes for babies and adults which have a changeable date dial, making sure that you always remember when that meal was originally packed away!

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