Pigeon & Weasel New Arrivals

The humble candle is always a fantastic gift idea for the home or office. They’re a great way of creating a mood in an interior space and bringing a bit of warmth into a room. With so many options out there, though, it’s sometimes hard to choose just one!

We’re big fans of Sydney brand Pigeon & Weasel and are excited to announce that their latest collection has just arrived at Upcycle Studio. All of their handmade candles and diffusers are produced from reclaimed beer bottles and give new life (very elegantly, we might add) to a product that often ends up in landfill.

image source: Pigeon & Weasel

The new candles are available in two sizes, a small – which burns for 40 hours, and a large – which burns for 60 hours. Beautifully scented soy wax is hand-poured into a longneck bottle for the large version and a stubbie for the smaller option. To give you a better idea of size, the longneck candle is about the same size as a standard drinking glass and the stubbie candle is quite cute and petite, fitting easily inside the palm of your hand. They’re available in a great range of different fragrances, ranging from the summery-fresh Coconut Lime to the rich and sweet Red Frogs (think of the bags of frogs you used to buy from the school canteen but insanely better!)

image source: Pigeon & Weasel

In addition to the candles, the new collection also features a range of diffusers made from stubbie bottles. These are a great alternative for all the forgetful types who can’t remember to blow out candles! Simply pop the reeds inside the bottles and the room will smell like a yummy Chai Latte or refreshing Nordic Pine for up to 6 months.

If you’re on the hunt for a beautiful upcycled gift or just want to liven up your own home, shop the Pigeon & Weasel range at Upcycle Studio, you won’t be disappointed!

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