Sydney Fashion Week – Ethical Fashion, Good for Everybody

Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Sydney  2016 is well on it’s way, showing beautiful pieces around our beautiful city. Australian designers are holding their own in the way of quality craftsmanship and design and are now starting to show real progress and an underlying passion and belief in ethical and sustainable fashion.

In mid April as part of MBFW Sydney, Clean Cuts an industry orginisation was launched to help the Australian fashion industry sit up at the international table where ethical fashion is a frequent guest by offering programs, mentorship and even the help with the implementation of modes to reach these outcomes. It’s another notch in the belt of the Australian fashion industry’s belt becoming a greater contributor to better outcomes from design to shop.

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger & unhappiness”

Mahatma Gandhi

Interest is growing among the public with the help of awareness and education into how and where our clothes are made and at what cost. Last year in 2015, The True Cost, a doco made to do just that exposes the real damage cheap, unethical fashion plays in the lives of the people making our clothing. It is an honest and revealing insight into the undeniably unjust and terrible sad world of unethical fashion.

With things starting to shift and people’s minds being exposed to the truth, the demand for local, ethical and sustainable fashion is being moved to front stage where it is changing the fashion industry and our world for the better.

Home grown fashion designer from Melbourne’s RMIT is a prime example of the new wave of designers with a conscious, making ethical the norm. Lois Hazel finished with honors at RMIT. 2012 and has since been leaving her green mark on the industry.

Creating a standard for young and aspiring designers to reach for and uphold. Hazel’s Collections are designed to create timeless pieces, the garments you can’t bare to part with as you know you will be able to wear again and again…slow fashion rather than the the buzz and horror of fast fashion dumped into landfill.

It’s a confronting topic but with organisations such as Clean Cuts and designers to the likes of Lois Hazel we are on the right track, although it may seem like a long one… it’s the one we need to take.

“Buy less, choose well, make it last”

Fashion Icon Vivienne Westwood

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