Alaska Airline’s seats get new home as upcycled products

Consistently committed to making a positive impact on the environment, whether through lessening flight emissions, ensuring its buildings are energy efficient or implementing recycling programs, Alaska Airlines are constantly thinking about the planet.

When the airline’s leather seats came to the end of their life, the company knew that they had to come up with a great upcycling project to ensure the leather did just get added to a landfill. 

The company teamed up with Looptworks to create a beautiful range of leather products, appropriately named the Carry On Collection. As Looptworks are using upcycled leather from Alaska Airlines’ seats, they save approximately 1,500 gallons (approximately 5,600 litres) of water per upcycled product.

Like all Looptworks products, the Carry On Collection is all handmade, hand-numbered and backed by a lifetime guarantee.


The Carry On Collection includes a card wallet, laptop sleeve, tote bag, crossbody bag and messenger bag. Prices start at $65 (AU$91) for the Carry-On Card Wallet while the most expensive item is the Carry-On Messenger Bag for $230 (AU$323). View the full collection on the Looptworks site.


This is not the first time that Looptworks has taken upcycling to the skies. The company also teamed up with Southwest Airlines, for the airlines Project LUV Seat. The end products of the upcycled leather seats were a variety of  products including soccer balls, shoes, backpacks, wallets and makeup bags.


Check out the upcycling process of the Alaska Airlines’ leather seats in the video below.

Images via: Looptworks
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