Nurture Your Imaginative Self: 10 Reasons to Attend a Creative Workshop

Ever wanted to learn something new? We guarantee you are not the only one! It’s just part of human nature to want to try something different. There are massive benefits to learning new skills and that’s exactly why we love creative workshops. They give you a chance to take a break from the craziness of life and allow you to nurture your imagination. Many researchers believe that creativity can improve your mental and physical health, and even makes you live longer! We aren’t really experts but tend to agree! That’s why we’ve put together a list of reasons you should enrol in a creative workshop today. What are you waiting for?!

1. Learn something new

Learning something new is great for keeping your brain cells active and is also fantastic for your self-esteem. It feels great when you learn how to do something you’ve never done before! Developing a new skill pushes you out of your comfort zones, and gives you a big confidence boost to keep trying new things.

Nurture Your Imaginative Self: 10 Reasons to Attend a Creative Workshop

2. Bring your group of friends together

Why not book a workshop for a group of your friends? These days, life is so busy that you might not even see your closest pals for weeks or even months! An afternoon of creative fun is an excellent way to catch up with your mates. You already know each other, which might make you feel more comfortable amongst a group of new people. And when something tricky comes up during your class, you can help each other out because, well, that’s what friends are for! A creative workshop is a great idea for a relaxed hen’s party, bridal shower, birthday or even just a regular weekend!


3. Get expert advice and tips

Learn a new skill from industry experts. The teachers who run creative workshops are masters of their art. This is what they are most passionate about and what they love to do. So you are able to get some of the best insider knowledge, tips and tricks. Workshop instructors are used to having beginners in their classes so don’t worry about asking any questions, they are most welcome!

Get expert advice and tips

4. Explore your creativity

Venture into a new world and try something different and exciting. There are so many fun and fantastic ways to be creative and you can start this journey easily with a workshop. Did you know that you could knit blankets using your arms? Or that you could use recycled and upcycled paper to make some beautiful gift wrap? The possibilities are endless, all you need is a little bit of inspiration to start and who knows where it might take you!

Explore your creativity

5. Meet some like minded people

You’re all there because you’re interested in the same thing! A creative workshop is a great opportunity to spend some time with people who are just like you! Spend the day sharing stories, getting to know each other and comparing all your different projects. It’s always great to see what ideas other people come up during your class.

Meet some like minded people

6. Make your own presents or things for your home

Giving a handmade gift or filling your house with self-made items is extremely rewarding! Learn how to make your very own presents for your loved ones, this way you can add a special personalised touch that makes every item unique. And if you’re looking to spruce up your house, a creative workshop can fill you with tonnes of inspiration for interior decoration. We absolutely love these hanging pom pom pieces that are so simple to make and fill a room with lots of fun!

Make your own presents or things for your home

7. Slow down and enjoy the moment

A workshop is a fantastic creative escape from the craziness of city life. Taking a moment to do something with your hands and switch off from all the tech in our lives is incredibly relaxing. Sure, you’ll probably want to Instagram your finished product at the end of the workshop! But attending a class provides a nice, calm and creative happy place for a few hours. Leave your busy schedule behind for a just a little bit and indulge yourself!

Slow down and enjoy the moment

8. Style your next event

Are you planning a birthday, baby shower or wedding? Instead of hiring or buying your decorations, why not learn how to make them yourself? Handcrafting an event with your very own handmade wall hangings, bunting, flower arrangement and plenty more is oh so rewarding! What’s more is that you get to style your party exactly the way you want it, no need to shop around frantically for that perfect ornament – just make it yourself!

Style your next event

9. It feels great to DIY!

Doing or making something yourself always leads to a big sense of accomplishment! Especially if it’s something completely new that you’ve never tried before. Not only does a workshop give your creativity a nice confidence boost, you also get a sense of joy by being around others who are interested in the same thing as you. And at the end of the class you get to take the fruits of your labour home with you. Brag about your new project to your friends and family, you should be proud!

It feels great to DIY!

10. Have some fun!

Last but not least, we think the best thing about a creative workshop is that you get to have a bit of fun! Workshops are informal learning spaces, where you get the freedom to explore your own creative process. Don’t worry, there won’t be any pop quizzes or final exams! Pick up new skills at your own pace, whether you prefer to move quickly or take it slowly and soak it all in.

We have a fantastic range of workshops at Upcycle Studio, there really is something there for everyone. So why not book yourself and some friends in for a class? Take some time out from everyday life and have a bit of fun while doing something you’ve always wanted to try! We guarantee a great time!

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