Introducing the New Flip & Tumble Drawstring Backpack

On the hunt for a reusable shopping bag but totes just aren’t your vibe? Or maybe you just need a handy daypack to take travelling? The new Flip & Tumble drawstring backpack is the answer to your search! The best thing? This super convenient backpack stuffs down to a sock sized ball, perfect for easy storage when not in use.

Where To Take It

The incredibly versatile Flip & Tumble drawstring backpack is your carry companion for all sorts of occasions. Keep one balled up and on you at all times for emergency grocery shops. Or use it as a gym bag, with your gear always packed inside and ready to go. They are also perfect for day trips to the beach or when exploring a new city on vacation. The fact that these bags are so lightweight makes them perfect for wearing while you are walking around for long periods of time.

New Flip & Tumble Drawstring Backpack


From bag to ball in seconds! This awesome bag packs down into a little sock ball shape in just a matter of seconds. Making it so easy to have an extra bag or two in your suitcase while you travel around the world! They come in extremely handy for unexpected souvenirs or just that little bit of extra shopping that you just couldn’t resist! Carrying a few of these with you as you move is so easy because they take up hardly any room and are so convenient to store.

New Flip & Tumble Drawstring Backpack

Clever Design & Fun Colours

Designed to be lightweight and super portable, making life on the go as easy as possible! Each Flip & Tumble drawstring backpack is created with thoughtful care. Every design detail serves a purpose and makes the bag very user-friendly. The drawstring at the top ensures that all of your gear stays comfortably in place, the stretchy internal pouch makes compacting the bag lightning fast and the fun bright colours will suit anyone’s personal style!

New Flip & Tumble Drawstring Backpack

The Flip & Tumble drawstring backpack is a must have staple to add to your collection of reusables. This shopping/travel/gym/day trip bag has got your back in any situation. Shop the full range of different colours at Upcycle Studio.

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