5 Messenger Bag Must Haves

What to look for in an upcycled messenger bag? Or any messenger bag for that matter

1. Built Tough from a Durable Material

Light weight vs durable messenger bag

Messenger bags are made for those on the go and to be used daily so you want your bag to be built from tough materials that are built to last!

One of the best things about Upcycled materials is that they’re tough enough to have survived their first life.  Alchemy Goods bike inner tube bags are great examples of this and if you’re on a push bike this is a great light weight option.

2. Laptop Sleeve and Padding

Dedicated laptop sleeve pocket

Most of us have a laptop, iPad etc that we can’t live without. A dedicated lap top divider is a must have and a padded laptop compartment is even better if you’re looking for extra protection (it shouldn’t add much weight just a little bit of size to the bag).

3. Pockets

Pocket options on messenger bag

With your laptop sorted it’s time to think about all the other bits and bobs you need to keep organised. It might sound obvious that you need pockets, but the right amount of quick access, phone specific, pen specific, velcro, zipper, non-zipper pockets will make or break your new best friend.

Another nice perk to have is a key finder which you can strap your keys to and never have to rummage to the bottom of your bag at your doorstep again.

4. Adjustable Strap

Adjustable straps on messenger bag

You want a strap that has good quality clips that will stand the test of time, easy to adjust so you can make adjustments on the go. If it’s a bigger messenger bag and it’s going to get loaded up a shoulder pad has to be on the shopping list.

5. Water resistant

With all your important belongings inside it’s nice to have a bag that is water resistant or can handle a bit of rain. Bags made from bike inner tube bags are great for this and if  you’re on the roads especially in the rain a bag with reflective strips is a bonus.

We hope this helps you in your quest for your messenger bag.

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