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Eco Friendly Products

All of our products are Eco friendly and to us that means the product is better to the environment in someway. All products on our site are labelled with the eco values that are true to it, making it easy for you to shop with confidence.

Shop Sustainable Material Products

Sustainable Material Products

Means that the product is made from materials that can be renewed. Timber from renewable plantations is a great example of this Vs timber taken from non renewable virgin rain forests.

Shop Upcycled Products


“Up"cycling a product means that the you are adding value to a material probably heading for landfill and turning it into a “new” product. An example of this is taking bike inner tubes and up cycling and adding value to it by turning it into a bag or a belt.

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Shop Empowering Women Products

Empowering Women

Means the product is made by women who were disadvantaged, living in poverty and have since been supported to work and are now able to provide for themselves and their families.

Shop Handmade Products


With so many machine made products these days it’s nice to know if something is made by hand and finished with quality in mind.

Shop One of a Kind Products

One of a Kind

Are exactly that, the product you are buying is a one off individual piece and although others may try and copy you will always stand out.

Shop Organic Products


The materials that went into making the product are from organic sources. This means no nasty chemicals or toxins.

Shop Reclaimed Products


Reclaimed materials are those that were used before for a purpose and are now going to be used again. If those reclaimed materials are used for something other than the original purpose it’s heading towards being called upcycled.

Shop Recyclable Products


Recycled materials are great at reducing waste as the more we keep the recycling happening the less that goes to landfill.

Shop Recycled Products


Recycled materials are great at reducing waste the more keep the recycling happening the less that goes to landfill.

Shop Reusable Products


Reusable products are those that stop us from throw away or single use type items. When we have habits like drinking coffee everyday it makes sense to reuse a cup then throw one away everyday.

Shop Supporting a Cause Products

Supporting a Cause

A portion of the profits from this item will go to a good cause, helping the environment or those less fortunate.

Shop Australian Made

Australian Made

We love Australian made and we stock the best eco friendly Australian brands there are.

Shop Natural Products

Natural Materials

Natural materials are great as they are non harmful, free of toxins and break down naturally at the end of their life.