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Keeping it real! A brother and sister team first saw and felt the need to make a positive impact on the world after seeing the amount of waste from packaging whist running their own store. Which pushed them in the direction of rethinking what they do and making a difference... a light bulb moment after thinking over one use coffee cups led them on a journey. They worked with design professionals to produce this glorious product The KeepCup... bright, bold and beautiful but not without serving the purpose of being reusable, reducing waste into landfill and contributing to their global campaign of spreading a new wave of thinking, not momentary convenience but a single small choice that changes the planet for the better.Reusable coffee cups. Keepcups are stocked in 32 countries making it a proven success.

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Frank Green

Simplistic, practical and so unbelievably nice to use. Frank Green are committed to quality design and materials used to create their products. Based in Melbourne this Australian company is determined to motivate people to rethink the unnecessary everyday waste of plastic we all encounter. Franks Greens reusable water bottles are easy to use, wash and once they have completed their service of providing you water everyday you can pop it into a recycling bin. That's correct it's recyclable! And with the launch of their coffee cups things are only looking better!

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Flip & Tumble

A company producing high quality products specialising in reusable bags. From Stanford's design course the Duo responsible for this simple yet amazing company are highly trained in design and finding solutions to everyday debacles like needing to grab a couple of things for dinner on the way home after work and it not being a situation that creates more waste. They sweat the small stuff to provide the world with a product that is functional, appealing and always staying true to their underlying motivation, which is to make something that helps the Earth. The products from Flip & Tumble are all reusable and even the fabrics are made from recycled bottles!!

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Alchemy Goods

People say that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and that’s exactly the way Alchemy Goods began. After Founder Ian Reich’s messenger bag got stolen he went searching for another one only to find that the search for the perfect bag was a little more difficult than anticipated.

Having always been a cyclist there were always extra inner tubes lying around the place, and there in his very apartment the first prototype was born on a home sewing machine. It wasn’t perfect but it was exactly what he needed.

Soon his friends took notice and started asking for one and in no time at all the local bike shops caught a glimpse and expressed interest. The design continued to evolve and with each one that was made came a little more improvement. The demand continued to grow until the only logical thing for Ian Reich to do was to quit his day job and start the company that we now know as Alchemy Goods.

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Rachel Kennedy Designs Australia

Rachel Kennedy Design's

Sydney based and focused on beautiful art prints and gift cards, Rachel Kennedy Designs is making a mark in more ways than one by providing a beautiful product and also staying committed to doing it in a responsible way using vegetable and soy based inks and using almost 100% recycled paper source locally. Gorgeous gift cards and art prints that are environmentally friendly!

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U-Konserve Australia


Founded by two mothers who had themselves made numerous lunches for their babes when they had the idea to change what they were doing... and perhaps help others make that change to by using reusable packaging products to limit waste. They worked together to launch U-Konserve offering a range of reusable products to store and carry food for kiddies and adults. U-Konserve have put a lot of thought and care into their range and to make sure it lives up to their mission of making an environmental difference and doing in a way they could be proud of and so they should be!



Ecococoon are devoted to providing a safe, environmentally sustainable, hard wearing, fun product guaranteed to perform. They are an Australian based company that have worked extensively on their 18/8 steel wear including reusable water bottles, reusable cups and other products sure to suit the needs of everyday people. Ecococoon mean business when it comes to high quality and reusable.


Unique bags, wallets and accessories upcycled from locally sourced sailcloth.

Renowned for classic design and products that are finished to an outstanding quality.

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Adrian Lawson

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