Reusable Coffee Cups

Shop the best range of reusable coffee cups at Upcycle Studio. We have stainless steel, BPA and glass reusable coffee cups Australia will love.

We have Tea Diffusers for your favourite fruit infused water and flasks that will keep your coffee or tea hot all day long. 

Bored with just plain water? Add some fruit, coffee or tea to your beverage and spice things up a bit. Yum! Each vessel in the Made by Fressko water bottle and flask range comes with a nifty detachable infuser so you can add a little flavour kick.

Help reduce your impact in the planet with our oh so stylish Corkcicle range. Designed to chill and warm all sorts of beverages, a Corkcicle coffee cups will impress. 

One glass reusable coffee cup Australia will love is the KeepCup a must for any coffee drinker who's on the go.

Did You Know
It's estimated that 500 billion coffee cups are produced globally each year and if they were placed end to end they'd circumnavigate the globe 1360 times! Planet Ark says that about 60,000 kilograms of plastic waste from coffee cups is directed to landfill each year in Australia, where it can take about 50 years to break down. Stop buying single use coffee cups.-Choice Website
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