Transformation of ocean plastic into stylish denim

Many of us love visiting the oceans, taking a stroll along a beautiful beach or going for a dip in the cool, clear water. What we do not love is trying to avoid rubbish while swimming, or walking in between layers of rubbish as we take that stroll.


Sadly this is a reality for a lot of the world’s beaches and with humans creating an estimated 288 million tonnes of plastic a year, with a large portion ending up in our oceans, this is a problem that we are going to face for many years to come. We have been dubbed the Plastic Age!


Our oceans are filled with hundreds of tonnes of plastic and well aesthetically it tends to be an eyesore. The real issue is the impact that it has on the ocean wildlife and ultimately us. Small fish will nibble on bits of plastic, bigger fish will eat these smaller fish and who ultimately end up eating the big fish, the animal at the top of the food chain… us.  


While there are many amazing people looking to make an impact on this problem, people tend to stand up and listen more when there is a celebrity involved.


Pharell WilliamsRAW for the Oceans is a collaborative project whose intention is to transform ocean plastic into denim. Companies involved in the project include Parley for the Oceans, G-Star RAW and Bionic Yarn, of which Pharrell Williams is co-founder and creative director.


The first step of the process involves retrieving plastic from our oceans. The plastic is then broken into chips, shredded into fibers and then it is ready to be spun into yarn. To make Bionic yarn, the ocean plastic fibers are first spun into strong core yarn and then helixed with cotton. The Bionic yarn is then weaved or knitted into RAW for the Oceans fabrics.   


The end result is a clothing line, with a funky-looking octopus, for males and females that incorporates Bionic yarn.

RAW for the Oceans clothing line

Watch the thought-provoking video below of inspiring people who are trying to make an impact on this ocean-destroying problem, together with the story behind RAW for the Oceans.

Check out the RAW for the Oceans collection here.


Images via: RAW for the Oceans
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