The Mojo Sweet Tangerine & Island Fruits Candle is Here!

If you haven’t already discovered the luscious Mojo Candle Co range, now’s the time to get in on all the hype! Mojo Sweet Tangerine & Island Fruits has just been released by the Sydney brand and it’s absolutely delicious. This vibrant and energetic scent has the perfect strength level without being overpowering. It would burn nicely in the living room, bathroom or at the office.

The Mojo Sweet Tangerine & Island Fruits Candle is Here

Scent Description

Sweet Tangerine & Island Fruits is the perfect fragrance to make you feel like you’re always on holiday, what’s not to love about that?! Just imagine lying on a secluded beach, cocktail in hand with aromas of tangerine wafting through the air. The lively citrus notes are balanced perfectly with hints of coconut and musk. A vivacious scent that is refreshingly yummy. We think that it smells just like a delectable summer cocktail. That reminds us, Aperol spritz, anyone?

About Mojo Candle Co.

Mojo Candle Co. was born from a love of luxurious design combined with a passion for the planet. This lifestyle and homewares brand perfectly combines sustainability and style with their upcycled candle collection.  You might not even notice at first that each and every candle has been handmade from a reclaimed wine bottle!  That’s right! Not only will you feel relaxed, you’ll also fee great about having a unique candle that does its bit to reduce environmental waste!

The Mojo Sweet Tangerine & Island Fruits Candle is Here

The new Sweet Tangerine & Island Fruits candle is available at Upcycle Studio in addition to the rest of the Mojo Candle Co collection.

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