The KeepCup Story: How They Became the World’s #1 Reusable Cup

“Many small acts will make a phenomenal difference.” These words from KeepCup’s CEO Abigail Forsyth really do sum up how the brand has pioneered a culture of reusable coffee cups. Since their launch in 2009, over three million KeepCups have been purchased by an army of eco-warriors. This has prevented billions of disposable cups from ending up in landfill. We absolutely love this company and their efforts to promote a more sustainable planet. So we decided to bring you the KeepCup story, an inspirational tale of how hard work combined with creativity can champion a green movement.

Where it Began

Brother and sister duo, Abigail and Jamie Forsyth were running a successful cafe in Melbourne when they noticed how many disposable cups were walking out the doors every day. Shocked by this amount of waste, they looked into selling some reusable cups. Their ideal product needed to look great, be easy to carry around, feel good in the hands and also be of barista quality. They couldn’t find anything that was up to scratch so decided to develop their own. And so, an eco-friendly empire was born and the name KeepCup has since become synonymous with the reusable coffee cup.

Building the Brand

The KeepCup story all started with a simple idea for a polypropylene cup that was easy for baristas to use and customers to carry. Abigail and Jamie had one prototype that quickly grabbed the attention of big businesses like NAB and Energy Australia, who were their very first customers. It wasn’t long before everyday punters were becoming interested in these colourful and vibrant cups that were a refreshing alternative to dated thermoses.

After gaining a following and some confidence, KeepCup expanded their range and currently offer a choice of polypropylene (original) or glass options. You can also choose between different sizes, rubber or cork bands or grab special edition cups. If you’re feeling creative you can even design your own KeepCup with their fully customisable option on the website.

The company now sells in over 30 countries worldwide and has headquarters in the UK and US as well as their Australian home. KeepCup has been a huge game changer in bringing sustainability to the forefront of everyday life. They’ve really cultivated a lifestyle of reusables which is a huge benefit for our planet. Pretty fantastic stuff, right? Two siblings. One simple idea. One massive environmental revolution.

Why Do We Love KeepCup?

We’re huge fans of this brand not only because they promote a more sustainable lifestyle, but also because they make eco-friendly products look incredibly cool. There are so many options with KeepCup that it’s super easy to choose the right one for your needs and personal style. Whether you’re after something simple and muted or a bright and colourful option, there really is something for everyone.

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