The Award Winning Memobottle is Here!

Did you know that 75 billion gallons of bottled water are consumed every year? That’s a whopping amount of single-use plastic! Only 1 in 5 of these are recycled, which is a huge problem seeing as it takes 450 years for just 1 bottle to degrade. These statistics shocked the team at Memobottle. So they decided to design a sleek and stylish water bottle to combat this issue. Change your idea of what a drink bottle should be with this innovative Australian design, which has been carefully crafted to fit perfectly alongside our modern digital lifestyles.

The Award Winning Memobottle

How it all began

The idea all started in a small coastal town near Melbourne, Australia. Two friends Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt were appalled at the level of plastic pollution taking over our beautiful beaches and oceans. So it became their mission to help reduce single-use plastic consumption with a focus on stylish and modern design. They asked themselves why our water bottles were round when so many of our on-the-go items are flat – like our laptops, tablets, notebooks and e-readers. So they designed what they believe to be the best water bottle, built for modern convenience. Every element of the Memobottle has been carefully considered to ensure that it slides neatly into your bag with the rest of your belongings.

The Award Winning Memobottle

Why choose Memobottle?

Stop 1.4 million tonnes of plastic waste created by the bottled water industry each year and join the #onebottlemovement. We know that it takes a while to train yourself into always carrying a water bottle around with you. But a Memobottle is so convenient that it won’t be long before you start a great new habit! Each Memobottle is made from 100% BPA free plastic and can hold liquids up to 50 degrees Celsius. This cleverly designed product has been highly acclaimed worldwide, even winning gold at the prestigious A’Design Awards.

The Award Winning Memobottle

Upcycle Studio is currently stocking both the A5 and A6 versions. The A5 size is great all rounder size, perfect for travelling, the office or taking to university. It holds up to 750mls making it an excellent bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the day. And the A6 option is a petite and streamlined version – designed to fit in your pocket or a small handbag. The ideal companion for active and social lifestyles.

The Award Winning Memobottle

Grab your very own Memobottle today at Upcycle Studio

Grab your very own Memobottle today at Upcycle Studio!

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