That’s not just an ordinary oil barrel

When an oil barrel comes to the end of its original use, it no longer means it will live out its days on a landfill. Clever, creative people are looking at the simple oil barrel and upcycling it into unique products that allow the oil barrel to live on in another form.


One such clever team is Lockengelöt, based in Hamburg Germany who makes some really cool items from the ordinary oil barrel. Their online store is filled with a variety of items made from upcycled items, including the ordinary oil barrel. Here’s a look at three of their awesome products.




Add some funky Clockwork to any room


Made from an upcycled oil barrel, these wall clocks will add an awesome, retro touch to any room in your house (main image). The piece of oil barrel that is used to create the clock is actually the piece that is cut out from Bob (see the next section of this article to read more about Bob who is actually an oil barrel). There is a range of colours including, black, white, orange and red to suit everyone’s tastes.


Clockwork retails for €50 (approximately AU$74) on the Lockengelöt online shop.


The oil barrel gets upcycled into Bob



Strangely named Bob, Lockengelöt has upcycled the oil barrel into a unique couch table. Sitting on three soft rubber wheels, Bob has three openings on three of his sides (which as mentioned, the material taken out of Bob goes on to make the wall clocks) and contains three shelves. To make a larger Bob, you can stack them on top of one another.


Bob comes in a range of colours and retails for €270 (approximately AU$ 397) on the Lockengelöt online shop.


Shed the light on your room with an upcycled oil barrel


Lockengelöt transforms a 60-litre oil barrel into the F30, a retro ceiling lamp that will definitely add a unique touch to your room. The retro lamps are one-of-a-kind pieces and weigh approximately 2.5kg.


The ceiling lamp retails for €179 (approximately AU$264) on the Lockengelöt online shop.


Images via Lockengelöt
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