Sustainably Social: Our 10 Favourite Eco-Friendly Instagram Accounts

Looking for some inspiration for your own sustainable lifestyle? Instagram is a great resource for finding like-minded people and seeing how others are trying to be more planet-conscious. So we’ve put together a list of our favourite eco-friendly Instagram accounts that encourage everyone to be more environmentally aware.

1. @_wastelandrebel_

Shia is a zero-waste blogger and also a vegan baking aficionado. Her Instagram account is full of beautiful flatlays of her eco-friendly groceries and also some great tips and tricks for a more sustainable lifestyle. She shares stories of her personal successes as well as her pitfalls in a fun and humourous way. Shia’s account is vibrant and colourful, a delight on your eyes while scrolling through your feed.

Shia is a zero-waste blogger

2. @1millionwomen

1 Million Women is an Australian-based movement of eco-conscious women who are fighting against climate change. This Instagram account features interesting tidbits of information and also some inspirational quotes on how we can all take care of our planet just that little bit more.

1 Million Women is an Australian-based movement of eco-conscious women

3. @upcyclethat

All upcycling and DIY lovers should definitely start following this account. It provides plenty of inspiration for at-home projects and showcases exactly how creative the world of upcycling is today. It features small to large projects from all around the world and highlights how almost everything can have a second life.

All upcycling and DIY lovers

4. @trashisfortossers

26 year-old Lauren Singer became famous for her trash-free sustainable lifestyle. This young New Yorker has always had a passion for the environment and eventually decided to take her interest to the next level a few years back. She has been living zero-waste for the past four years now and you can follow her journey on her eco-friendly Instagram account and via her blog.

trash-free sustainable lifestyle

trash-free sustainable lifestyle

5. @rocket_science

Anita Vandyke is a zero waste warrior who also happens to be a trained rocket scientist! Her Instagram account is full of fantastic second-hand finds and her bulk food adventures. She’s a modern activist who’s mantra is “Less is More.” We also love that Anita is a Sydney local too.

6. @madeoutofwhat

This upcycling and recycling account shows just how creative people can be with waste. The feed includes photos of artists’ works from all around the world. You’ll truly be shocked by some of the materials used! Made Out Of What really challenges your perception of what is stylish or beautiful, and we absolutely love this!

7. @dans_le_sac

Dans le sac translates to “in the bag” in French and is the eco-friendly Instagram account of Stéphanie and Laurie. These two friends from Québec started their journey by developing a range of reusable bread bags. Their business has flourished and their Instagram is elegantly curated with lovely photos of their bags and all things sustainable. This account will make you want to refuse plastic bags forever and opt for a calico option instead for all your goods!

8. @wornwear

What’s not to love about a global clothing brand who don’t want their customers to buy new? We are huge fans of Patagonia for having this exact ethos. Wornwear is the company’s brilliant sustainability program which celebrates the stories behind our clothes, encourages the repair of old items and provides an easy way for people to recycle their garments. This Instagram will make you want to get your hands on a sewing machine and learn how to upcycle your old clothes!

9. @palletandcrate

Our showroom is decked out with tonnes of pallet furniture, so it’s no surprise that we love this account. This entire feed is filled with old school, rustic charm and is the perfect antidote to mass produced furniture. Looking for any DIY ideas to spruce up your home? Pallet and Crate is a brilliant source of inspiration.

10. @reformation

Fashion that is beautiful and is also planet-friendly. This Instagram account gets a big tick from us because it makes sustainable look oh so stylish! This US label uses eco materials, deadstock fabrics and upcycled vintage clothing to design all of their collections. Sustainability is at the core of everything they do, ensuring the most minimal eco and social footprint possible.

Let us know about any other eco-friendly Instagram accounts that you follow personally and think should be on our list! Touch base with us anytime at

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