Rock the night away in a shipping container

Shipping containers are slowly making the evolution from their intended purpose, into unique and creative architecture.


It was back in 1956 that the shipping industry starting make use of shipping containers. Nearly 60 years later and with approximately 17 million scattered around the world, they have become a common sight on ships and trucks. Once they reach an estimated lifespan of 20 years though, they enter a junkyard where they slowly rust away.



Unless there are some clever and creative designers and architects around who can turn an ordinary shipping container into something completely unique. Over the years, shipping containers have been created into houses, retail space, museums, offices and even art.


Now Swiss architects, savioz fabrizzi architectes, have provided another unique use for discarded shipping containers in the form of a contemporary music venue in the city of Sion in Switzerland.

 Shipping Container Upcycled


To create this cool and unique music venue, the architects arranged the shipping containers within an existing building with the obvious focal point of the music venue being the 300-seat concert hall. Various containers also make up dressing rooms, a ticket office, rehearsal space and of course, a bar for the music-loving patrons.

 Upcycled Shipping Container


The flexibility of the shipping containers allows for the performance space to be easily scaled to suit the musical performance taking place. Additional rooms can be added to the existing structure ensuring it is easily adjustable to whatever the requirements.



Now that a music venue has made it onto the ever increasing list of uses for abandoned shipping containers, I can’t wait to see what creative pieces we will see next.

Images via: savioz fabrizzi architectes


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