Redefining prefab spaces

Stunningly designed eco-friendly prefab spaces that are redefining prefab spaces for the better.

If you are in the market to increase your living space, then look no further than a Bert’s Box from London-based Bert & May’s Spaces. These unique spaces can add an extra area of just 7.7m² or you can go much bigger with 73m².

Eco-friendly spaces

The Boxes come in a range of four different types, including a two-bedroom Big Box, one-bedroom Big Box, a Little Box and a Teeny Box. The exterior of the boxes is clad in beautiful reclaimed timber while the interior features reclaimed timber floors and gorgeous handmade encaustic tiles.

Not only do Bert & May make use of handmade tiles and reclaimed wood, but the company also ensures that its Boxes are eco-friendly. The team work with eco-specialist consultants Green Tomato and design boxes that have the latest eco-friendly insulation as well as green living roofs to encourage biodiversity, absorption of rainwater while at the same time keeping the space warm in winter and cooling the space in the summer months.  

Bert & May

After placing an order, a Box is ready in just 14 weeks and is delivered to its new home. As the Boxes are technically classified as mobile homes, no planning permission is required (subject to planning laws).

Prices start at £25,000 (approximately AU$50,000) for the Teeny Box, while the cost for the two-bedroom Big Box starts at £175,000 (approximately AU$356,000).

Check out a Big Box in the making in the video below.

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Images via: Bert & May Instagram
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