Our top 5 made from Reclaimed Timber


Whats not to love about timber?

Its rustic, warm nature….no two pieces being the same. Well it gets even better when its reclaimed! Here are our top 5 picks from our Reclaimed Timber collection.


1. Skateboard Bracelets

How do you turn disused skateboard decks into wearable art? Lots and lots of collecting, sorting, colour matching and sanding! Our creative makers Sam & Ellie delicately handcraft these pieces in their small studio in Northern NSW using broken skateboards that would have ended up in landfill.

Skateboard Bracelets



 2. Irish Whiskey Barrel Oak Bottle Openers

These cool little handcrafted bottle openers are made in Ireland with reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Oak and even features steel from the barrel. Each one comes beautifully boxed with a special number allowing you to trace the barrel that the Oak originated from!

Irish Whiskey Barrel Oak Bottle Openers 

3. Skateboard All sorts Necklace

Another fantastic Skateboard accessory. These Allsorts necklaces beautifully showcase the rainbow of colours in the Canadian Maple decks that are used. Threaded onto waxed cord they’re available in 5, 7  and 9 beads and come in cute little handsewn reclaimed paper pouches.

Skateboard all sorts necklace


4. Reclaimed Timber Pendants

Made with pieces of recycled timber these unisex pendants are handstamped in Melbourne with words of inspiration and we think they are super, super cool. Available in dark timber or light timber and threaded onto waxed cord you can wear them solo or team that up to mix colours or words depending on how your mood for the day.

Recycled Timber Pendants


5. Reclaimed Shard Necklaces

Another Skateboard favourite is the Shard Necklace, made using off cuts from broken decks and finished with an antique chain and a VOC-free coating for protection and natural shine.

Triangle Pendant

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