Once upon a time it was a tin can

When they are empty, these everyday tin cans get placed into the recycling (hopefully) or rubbish and forgotten about. However, these once discarded items have a new light shining on them and are getting a second life.

Thanks to the husband and wife duo of iliüi, an Italian couple now based in Spain, these tin cans are getting a fresh new, funky look in the form of desk lamps.

To make their retro desk lamps, iliüi make use of used tin cans of tomatoes, coffee, dog food, olives, etc. Once they receive a fresh lick of pastel coloured paint, these repurposed tin cans are mounted on wooden and leather bases.

Tin Can Desk Lamp

The homemade, rustic lamps will be the perfect accompaniment to any desk or side table and will light up your space in a funky way.

Check out the full range of desk lamps and various colours iliüi have on offer by visiting their website.
I am sure there is a spot in your house where one of these awesome miniature spotlights, made from upcycled tin cans, will achieve its goal of shedding some much needed extra light.

Images via: iliüi

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