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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Sustainable Gifts For Mum

Is your mum a careful and conscious shopper? She might be an eco-warrior, supporter of all things ethical, or an upcycling aficionado. Sometimes it’s tough to find the right Mother’s Day gift for all of these planet loving mummas, so we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for something simply beautiful or after a practical present, we’ve got you sorted with our top picks of sustainable gifts for mum this year.

1. Zen Botanics Moisturising Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub

This delicious exfoliating scrub will leave your mum’s skin looking and feeling fresh. Carefully formulated with moisturising properties to make sure her skin doesn’t dry out. This is a lovely gift for mums who want to create a spa experience in the convenience of their own home.

Zen Botanics Moisturising Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub


2. KeepCup

Does your mum love coffee but hates disposable cups? Grab her an elegant glass KeepCup that she can use with pride every time she heads to a cafe. These come in a whole bunch of different colours so it’s easy to grab one that suits your mum’s personal style. We might be a bit biased but think that coffee just tastes better out of a KeepCup. Maybe it’s something about that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from doing something good for the planet!

Keepcup Turbine

Shop the KeepCup collection.

3. Rubber Planters

Who knew that old stuff made into new stuff could look this cool?  Our upcycled rubber planters add a touch of eco glam to any living space and are super practical for outdoor use. Each of these are handmade in Vietnam from reclaimed truck tyres and helps to save old materials from going into landfill. Available in a huge range of shapes and sizes, they can be used for a multitude of different purposes.

Rubber Planters

Shop the rubber planter collection.

4. Bee Twomey Handmade Earrings

Add a bit of fun and colour to your mum’s life with a beautiful set of handmade earrings. These are vibrant and eyecatching, perfect for any woman who likes to add a hint of glam to her outfit. All pieces are one-offs and 100% unique, which always makes for a great present. These earrings are handcrafted in Brisbane and are created using large paintings on maplewood and basswood which are then cut up to be transformed into stunning pieces of jewellery.

Bee Twomey Earrings

Shop the Bee Twomey jewellery range.

5. Mojo Wine Bottle Candle

Give mum a thoughtful gift that encourages her to slow down and relax. Not just your everyday candle, the Mojo Candle Co. range is made from reclaimed wine bottles that have been given a new life. Each bottle is then hand poured with soy wax that has been infused with vibrant, modern scents like Cedar & Saffron and Sweet Tangerine and Island Fruits. This is a beautiful present idea for mums who have a love for upcycling.

Mojo Candle Cedar

Shop the range of Mojo wine bottle candles.

6. Elvis & Kresse Big Wash Bag

An excellent gift idea for the ever travelling mum. This Elvis & Kresse toiletry bag is big enough to hold all the essentials and is made from very cool reclaimed UK firehose and lined with military grade parachute silk. Built to stand the test of time, this is the only toiletry bag she’ll ever need! It is super water resistant, protecting what’s inside but even more importantly, it’ll make sure it looks after the rest of her luggage protecting it from leaking toiletries, exploding shampoo bottles and toothpaste!

elvis kresse wash bag yellow

Shop the Elvis & Kresse reclaimed firehose range.

7. Clay, Contemporary Ceramic Artisans

The perfect coffee table book for pottery enthusiasts and all round crafty mums. Clay, Contemporary Ceramic Artisans showcases beautiful modern works from around the world. The book features both functional and sculptural pieces and also takes you into the artists’ studios. Mum will love flicking through this book on a lazy afternoon with a big cup of tea.

Clay Book

Buy the Clay, Contemporary Ceramic Artisans book.

8. African Print Wheat Heat Pack

Made with super funky ethical African wax prints and reclaimed denim, these practical heat packs also look awesome! They’re lovingly hand made in Melbourne and filled with organic wheat and locally-grown lavender. All mum has to do is pop the heat pack in a microwave for 3 minutes with a glass of water can then use it as a relaxing warm compress. Lavender is known to be a calming scent so this is a lovely gift to help mum unwind after a long day.

African Print Heat Packs

Buy an African Print Wheat Heat Pack.

9. Brown Paper Reusable Lunch Bag

A quirky present that’s full of practicality! Styled upon the iconic brown paper bag you used to carry your food to school in but this one is reusable, for the all the eco-conscious! The bag is insulated inside so it will keep mum’s food fresh all day. Whether she wants to keep a salad nice and cold or a winter soup piping hot, this brown paper bag won’t let her down!

Brown Paper Lunch Bag

Buy the Brown Paper Lunch Bag.

10. Indoor Green

This is our top pick for all the mums out there with green thumbs. Indoor Green is an elegantly curated book filled that celebrates houseplants in all of their weird and wonderful forms. The book takes you into all sorts of spaces, all beautifully filled with luscious green plants. It also includes some important tips and tricks for helping plants to thrive in indoor spaces.

Indoor Green Living

Buy the Indoor Green book.


Hop onto Upcycle Studio to shop for some more sustainable gifts for mum. Make her Mother’s Day one to remember this year.

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