Helping our oceans with a 3D printed Ocean Plastic sneaker

With the large amount of waste that is dumped into our oceans on an annual basis, we and the wildlife that depend on the oceans need as much help as we can get. 

More and more individuals and companies are looking at ways that they can make an impact, but with eight million tons of plastic trash making its way into our oceans it is no small task.

We love to highlight any group that is trying to fight this never-ending battle. We’ve written about how surfing legend Kelly Slater, is trying to make an impact with the launch of his clothing range that uses reclaimed fishing nets. While six months ago we highlighted Adidas’s new sneaker that has a shoe upper made from ocean plastic.

In an attempt to “create sustainable solutions for big global problems,” Adidas has gone one step further with the introduction of a 3D-printed Ocean Plastic sneaker.


Partnering once again with Parley for the Oceans, the concept shoe consists of an upper made from ocean plastic. While the midsole is 3D printed and made from recycled polyamid and gill net content.


Since announcing its partnership with Parley for the Oceans in April 2015, the company has been making some changes to ensure it is more sustainable and attempt to end plastic pollution in our oceans. Changes include the eradication of plastic bottles during meetings at its headquarters in Germany, at the end of 2015 the company will stop using plastic microbeads across all its body care products, and by the end of Q1 2016 it will have phased out the use of plastic bags in its retail stores. 

We will never know the true statistics around the amount of plastic, rubbish and fishing nets that are discarded into our oceans on a daily basis, but we see first hand the effect that it has on the sea and birdlife. So it has to be a problem that we continue to battle against. Support companies and organisations like these who are trying to make a dent in the problem, and make sure you are never adding to the problem.


Images via: Adidas
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